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The Benefits of Recognizing Your Employees Contributions

Everyone Deserves RecognitionEmployee Recognition


  • For hard-work on a project
  • For personal dedication to the business
  • For creative ideas
  • For exceptional work
  • For their commitment to quality
  • For bringing value to the company


Awards and Plaques Motivate 

Award Plaque


Employees do their best work when they feel they are appreciated


Recognition awards let your workers know you see their commitment to the company





Teamwork Is a Praiseworthy AccomplishmentEmployee Recognition

As a manager it is often difficult to get employees to work together  productively.


Recognizing exceptional teamwork sets a benchmark for cooperation, and incentive to reach it.



Employee Morale Is a Valuable Commodity

Crystal Star AwardPeople find personal value  through what they are able to achieve.


Being recognized as a leader amongst peers boosts employee self esteem, which in turn encourages exceptional work.






Recognizing Those Who Have Devoted Years…Clock Awards

Shows Corporate Loyalty to new employees. This in turn elicits employee loyalty.

Gives employees something to work towards in the long-run.


Awards Improve the Work Environment

Employee Awards

Mutual goals bring a sense of family and camaraderie to the workplace.

A work environment in which employees are routinely appreciated is a less negative one.





Research Shows…Planet Crystal Award

…that by recognizing past behavior, employees are more motivated to do the same in the future

…that plaques and awards are overall more effective than monetary awards



Managing Employees is Not Easy Work

Plaques for Employee Recognition

Employees want to know that their contributions are appreciated and that they make a difference.


By considering ways to reward your employees, you show that you are committed to those you are managing, and not just what they can do for you.



Our Mascot

Employee recognition not only increases office morale, but motivates employees to do their very best.


By rewarding excellent work and dedication, you show that you are a manager who cares about the individuals in your team.