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The Most Popular Plaques and Awards for Retirees

Awards and medal for retirees

Retirement is one of life’s most important milestones. It represents a lifetime of hard work and dedication, and it deserves to be honored in a special way. It’s exactly the type of occasion that plaques and awards were made for. Give your retiree a keepsake they’ll be proud to display – a top-quality conversation piece with a meaningful inscription, like an engraved award plaque, a soaring trophy or even a cut-crystal vase. We’ll help you match up our most popular designs with the style of your recipient, so you get truly personalized plaques and awards.

Executive Plaques and Awards

Traditional plaque designs with handsome American hardwoods and inlaid black matting are refined and timeless. The confident Executive Cherry Frame demands respect and is perfect for a retiring top executive or a traditionalist on your team.

If you prefer a trophy style, the eagle is a classic choice representing strength, courage and leadership – all traits of your retiring recipient. High-quality crystal is a look any executive will love. The Majestic Eagle Crystal Award is a top choice for top executives.

Modern Plaques and Awards

Is your company forward-thinking? Is your retiree known for innovation and imagination? Capture that spirit with sleek, contemporary plaques and awards. Glass plaques with accents of lacquered wood and brushed aluminum are just what you’re looking for. The Nova Plaque has an Art Deco style that’s at once modern and elegant.

Add a touch of color and a unique shape to a glass trophy to give it a futuristic look. The pyramid-shaped Exemplary Red Crystal Award is professional enough for a retiree, but it sports a sleek, colorful design that suggests looking toward the future.

Sophisticated Plaques and Awards

Need something in between “traditional” and “modern”? Go for a plaque that has a traditional style with modern accents. The Conquest Award Plaque has a base of warm American rosewood, but its sleek, curving lines give it an up-to-date look.

A marble award with a hardwood base will give you the dignified, refined appearance you’re going for. Black marble has a premium look that commands attention. The Renaissance Globe is a great example of this type of retirement trophy.

Artistic Plaques and Awards

Use your imagination with vibrant, colorful retirement plaques and awards that are perfect for your company’s artistic and creative roles – or just energetic personalities! Acrylic plaques can be created in a variety of patterns and colors to communicate your message. The Genesis Day Round standing plaque has a sparkling, high-definition border with a laser-etched message.

For an award that’s as unique as your retiree, you need art glass awards. Designed by artisans and hand-blown, each award is completely one-of-a-kind and a true work of art. Just look at the Touch the Sky Art Crystal to see what we mean.

Unique Retirement Awards

Give your retiree a keepsake that shows how much you truly value them – these options are personal, beautiful and useful.

  • Clocks: Clocks are a stately upgrade from a traditional plaque, making an ideal executive gift. Take a look at the exceptional Captain’s Clock, with mahogany wood and solid brass accents.
  • Decanters: Your retiree will definitely use our gorgeous, engraved scotch decanter sets or wine decanters. Monogrammed barware is the perfect gift for any retiree.
  • Bowls and vases: Does your recipient have an eye for the finer things in life? Precision-cut, beveled crystal, like the Cut Crystal Revere Bowl, is just the right retirement gift.


Ideas for Engraved Award Plaques

You’ve chosen your design, but what will you write on it? The inscription on your plaque is just as important to show your recipient how much you care, and to thank them for years of service. Here are a few ideas for memorable engraved award plaques:

Leadership and Achievement

High achievers and top leaders will appreciate plaques and awards that thank them for all their contributions:

  • Endlessly Inspiring, Tirelessly Leading
  • World’s Best Boss
  • For a Very Special Leader
  • Looking Back on Your Many Contributions
  • Integrity, Tenacity, Dependability (or any combination of your retiree’s outstanding traits)

Loyalty and Dedication

If your recipient has been a loyal worker with many years of service, recognize their dedication with one of these inscriptions:

  • In Recognition of Outstanding Loyalty
  • For 25 Years of Dedication and Service
  • 25 Years of Making a Difference
  • With Our Greatest Appreciation
  • Honoring the Countless Lives You’ve Touched


Life isn’t over at retirement – the Golden Years are just beginning. Why not have some fun with your engraved award plaque?

  • The Best Is Yet to Come
  • Starting a New Chapter
  • For a Long and Happy Retirement
  • You’ve Earned It!
  • Young at Heart

Combine a thoughtful and heartfelt inscription with your favorite styles of plaques and awards and you’ve got the perfect retirement gift. Need more help? EDCO will make sure every detail of this special award is flawless. Get in touch with us today.