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Various Types of Plaques

• The “Colored Laminated Award” is meticulously coated award plates made from wood material laminated with variety of colors.  The plaque is carefully polished to create a solid wood appearance. Most laminated colored awards make use of recycled wood fibers, making them an environment-friendly option. Laminated colored plates are believed to be more affordable due to its quality manufacturing and eco-friendly impact.

• The Glass Awards Plaque comes in various shapes, sizes and styles depending on quality and distinctiveness.  The glass award plaque is produced by series of engraving and sandblasting methods. The glass award plates are usually placed under a small-sized granite or glass base to ensure rigidity when it’s being stand on a surface or shelf. However, the glass awards can be used as viable alternative for wood frame stands.


• The Solid Wooden Awards is recognizable for its simplicity and elegance. Made from various quality hardwood materials, the solid wooden plaque is deemed profitable for its carefully polished wood and granite finishes. Most solid wooden awards are usually given during academic recognitions and lifetime achievement awarding ceremonies.


• Certificate Holders comes out as the most basic type of award-giving plates. Certificate holders are dominantly given in any award-giving body, particularly seminars and community-based events. Some certificate holders are specially covered with a stylish holder to emphasize its esteemed appearance.


• The Executive Award Plaque is made from vibrant combinations of wood, glass and granite materials. What makes the executive plaque different from the aforementioned award-giving plates is that it’s overall styling and finishes is more lavish. The executive awards are usually given during corporate events to recognize the employee’s genuine contribution in the industry’s success.


• The Framed Award Plaque may have an overstated styling and appearance. However, the plaque is considered as one of the most identifiable award-giving plates today for its prestige. The framed award plaque is given on special occasions wherein an employee is recognized for his 10 – 20 years of service in the company. The plaque is also given during exceptional corporate recognitions such as “tribute” ceremonies.


• The Wood Laminated Plaque are said to be manufactured using the same method as that of the colored laminated ones. The only difference is that the wood laminates are made from 100% quality wood and its styling and finishes is less elegant and minimal. The wood laminated plaque is typically handed during private occasions.


• The Perpetual Award Plaque is commonly seen in monthly and annual award-giving bodies conducted by company staff. The largest perpetual plaque has few distinct subdivisions in which the names of the previous recipients are situated.


• The Granite Award Plaque is one of the most prestigious award-giving plates available today. Despite its expensive price when purchased, the granite plaque has a more elegant and quality value. The plaque comes in two sub-types: the Standing and Wall plaque. Both granite awards are made from combinations of quality hard wood, metal and unique shades of marble which can be sandblasted or engraved.