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Clear Crystal Awards

Our collection features dramatic and inspired designs from clear optical crystal. A fresh design element in a traditional lineup that never goes out of style and always delivers on quality and excellence. Clear crystal awards are symbols expressly designed for enduring achievers!

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Crystal House Paperweight

Crystal House
As low as $36.70

Crystal Maltese Cross Award

Maltese Cross
As low as $143.75

Crystal Microphone Award

Crystal Microphone
As low as $80.79

Crystal Monument Award

Crystal Monument
As low as $86.99

Crystal Mouse Award

Crystal Mouse
As low as $29.60

Crystal Real Estate Sign

Real Estate Sign
As low as $106.70

Crystal Star Memento

Crystal Star
As low as $29.45

Crystal Star Mountain

Star Mountain
As low as $63.05

Crystal Star Paperweight

Crystal Star
As low as $38.23

Crystal Trophy Cup

As low as $147.54

Crystal Van Gogh Award

As low as $187.51

Cut Crystal Revere Bowl

Revere Bowl
As low as $154.87

Eternity Crystal Desk Clock

Eternity Desk Clock
As low as $95.98

Globe In Hand Crystal Award

Globe In Hand
As low as $85.72

Handshake Trophy Tower

Hand Shake
As low as $99.15

Illuminate Crystal Slant

Crystal Slant
As low as $21.78

Multifaceted Crystal Round Paperweight

Round Paperweight
As low as $20.38

Number 1

Number 1
As low as $45.63

Pillar of Excellence Award

Excellence Award
As low as $113.11

Rising Diamonds Crystal

Rising Diamonds
As low as $137.53

Top Star Crystal Award

Top Star Crystal
As low as $164.01

Vantage Globe Award

Vantage Globe
As low as $82.44

Vision World Globe Award

Vision Globe
As low as $81.25

Sky Master Crystal Eagle Trophy

Sky Master
As low as $276.61

Crystal Book Award

Crystal Book
As low as $48.79

Faceted Crystal Football

Faceted Football
As low as $101.42

Large Faceted Crystal Football Trophy

Football Trophy
As low as $234.18