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Crystal Awards Options

Knowing Your Options

  • Color ChoicesEvery situation for reward is a unique one. Not only do the achievements differ, but the people being rewarded do as well.
  • A thoughtful approach to what award to give can communicate more praise than even the award itself.
  • By knowing what is available, and what is given in a certain situation, you can be sure to maximize the benefit of the reward.



Contemporary Awards

Crystal Pyramid Award

  • This award is cut from a mixture of fine clear crystal and black glass and is etched deeply with either a gold or silver accent.
  • It is a simple and sleek design which captures the attention of anyone walking by.
  • These awards have a lot of room for engraving. This makes it a good choice for special honors being bestowed.



Optical Crystal

  • Round Crystal AwardThis award is created by sweeping curve lines of optical crystals.
  • The design is made by crystal cubes embedded in the award, with a sand etched custom engraving giving it a premium look.
  • This is the perfect type of award for saying “Job well done”. 




Crystal GlobesCrystal World Globe

  • These awards are stunning and grab the attention of anyone who walks into the room. Great awards for over-the-top achievement.
  • The trophy is mouth blown and then cut from crystal by hand. A customized message is then engraved on the base.
  • Each globe is slightly unique as the nature of crystal blowing produces stylistic nuances. 


Specialty Awards

  • Specialty Crystal AwardsCustom made crystal awards are perfect for garnering the “wow!” effect.
  • Using optical crystal, near any design can be achieved. This is particularly good when you are honoring someone in a non-traditional manner.
  • There is typically a small set-up fee for new designs.





Engraved VasesEngraved Vases

  • The fantastic thing about crystal vases is their distinctive shape and unique hand-cut patterns.
  • The base is optional when buying these awards and can similarly be engraved with a custom message.
  • These are considered elegant awards and are perfect for large presentations.


Goal Setter Awards

Goal Setter Awards

  • This is an exciting and innovative way of keeping your employees motivated, while also rewarding them for what is being done.
  • The award comes with a set of removable “blocks” of crystal which can be added as milestones are reached.
  • The award and the blocks are shipped in different packages, which means you can keep surprising the recipient with further additions.




Putting it All Together

Crystal Recognition Awards

  • Now that you know, you are empowered to make the best decision in rewarding that special achiever.
  • Take time to consider what is the best for the situation. Ask yourself how you can best convey your message.
  • Regardless of whether you go with traditional or custom awards, the time and thought put into the decision will be noted.