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Glass Awards

Purchase your Glass Awards at the best prices from EDCO Awards glass factory! Custom engraved glass awards will add visual excitement to your awards program while strengthening company branding. Our collection includes classic Jade Glass, Optical Glass as well as the contemporary Art Glass designs.  Have fun exploring the sections below!

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Art Glass Harmoni...

Art Glass Harmonia
As low as $111.23

Art Glass Seaside...

Seaside Swirl
As low as $109.07

Avant Clear Cryst...

Avant Clear
As low as $54.49

Beveled Flame Awa...

Crystal Flame
As low as $52.25

Beveled Jade Crys...

Jade Crystal Award
As low as $101.92

Black & Blue Glas...

Colored Glass Clock
As low as $29.63

Brass Gemstone Cr...

Brass Gemstone
As low as $65.74

Camber Glass Awar...

Camber Glass Award
As low as $45.67

Circle of Success...

Circle of Success
As low as $67.92

Crystal Cube Pape...

Crystal Cube
As low as $18.80

Crystal Merit Awa...

Merit Crystal
As low as $36.57

Crystal Mirage Aw...

Crystal Mirage Award
As low as $69.89

Crystal Quill Dia...

Quill Diamond
As low as $57.62

Crystal Wave Awar...

Crystal Wave
As low as $56.55

Culmination Indig...

Culmination Indigo
As low as $52.25

Delphi Monolith A...

Delphi Monolith
As low as $198.62

Divination Award

Divination Award
As low as $119.22

Doube Helix Art G...

Doube Helix Art Glass
As low as $78.63

Elongated Octagon...

Elongated Octagon
As low as $46.96

Glass Star-Plaque...

Star Plaque
As low as $51.19

Imperial Award

Imperial Award
As low as $355.45

Jade Crystal Desk...

Jade Crystal Clock
As low as $45.62

Jade Spiral Art G...

Green Spiral
As low as $78.63

Jewel Bevel Cryst...

Jewel Bevel
As low as $43.80

Mainliner Glass P...

Glass Photo Frame
As low as $59.00

Majesty Award

Majesty Award
As low as $360.68

Malibu Crystal Aw...

Malibu Award
As low as $140.85

Marquee Award

Glass Marquee Award
As low as $45.77

Midnight Twirl Cr...

Midnight Twirl
As low as $99.99

Olympia Flame

Olympia Flame
As low as $71.80

Orbiting Star Vas...

Orbiting Star Vase
As low as $380.71

Parkdale Crystal

Parkdale Crystal
As low as $41.54

Pearl Edge Wave

Pearl Edge Wave
As low as $52.25

Radiant Clear Cry...

Radiant Crystal
As low as $131.96

Sapphire Fontana ...

Ruby Fontana
As low as $99.19

Sophistication St...

Star Plaque
As low as $63.96

Sterling Diamond ...

Sterling Diamond Award
As low as $79.23

Team Player Award...

Team Player Award
As low as $52.25

Together Recognit...

Together Glass Award
As low as $118.50

Acceptance Glass ...

Glass Plaque
As low as $24.92

Amber Fontana Vas...

Amber Vase
As low as $89.14

Amber Peak

Amber Peak
As low as $161.05

Anabella Flame Ar...

Anabella Flame
As low as $177.48

Art Glass Award P...

Award Plate
As low as $49.12

Art Glass Bull Aw...

Crystal Bull
As low as $182.88

Art Glass Disc

As low as $59.02

Art Glass Inspira...

Inspiration Award
As low as $35.99

Art Glass Spiral

Art Glass Spiral
As low as $91.56

Art Glass Torchie...

As low as $127.91

Artful Connection...

Artful Connection
As low as $109.61

Artful Determinat...

Artful Determination
As low as $86.07

Artful Spiro

As low as $89.50

Artisan Flame Cry...

Artisan Flame
As low as $175.62

Ascent Leadership...

Ascent Globe
As low as $66.95

Astral Cosmos

Astral Cosmos
As low as $52.09

Attainment Flame

Attainment Flame
As low as $172.34

Aventura Citrus A...

Aventura Citrus
As low as $88.99

Azure Emittance A...

Azure Emittance
As low as $34.48

Beveled Sapphire ...

Sapphire Crystal
As low as $77.91