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Miami's largest official Trophy and Awards Company.  EDCO offers a selection of over 5000 unique awards and trophies constructed from premium materials such as crystal, acrylic, stone and wood. EDCO Awards are widely used throughout Miami Dade for recognition and motivation of community leaders, healthcare workers, teachers, students and business professionals.  EDCO has been supplying the Miami metro area and beyond for over 50 years!  We offer Custom Awards, TrophiesGlass Awards and Plaques for business, sports and promotions. Buy directly from our factory and save while taking advantage of quick local delivery, free engraving, free art proofs and more. We offer Free Next Day Shipping Delivery Anywhere in South Florida.

Effective Employee Recognition Can Work Wonders!

Employee recognition isn’t just a nice way to treat your staff.  It’s also an extremely effective communication tool that can help you to get the best out of your business. Whatever method of recognition you decide to go for, your actions will reinforce good behavior within your team and staff and will communicate to them what sorts of actions and behaviors you want to see from them. If you own a business andwant to keep your staff motivated and bringing in money for you then a simple employee recognition system can produce immediate, positive results.

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Trophies & Awards Make a Lasting Impact on Recipients

We all like being recognized for doing a good job, whether it’s performing well at a sport or completing a tough project at work. It’s very nice being verbally told that we have done well, but to have something tangible like an etched crystal award, engraved plaque or a trophy to actually mark the occasion will show that the company is prepared to go the extra mile to reward good behavior. This is where a company like EDCO Awards and Specialties steps in. EDCO is the premier trophy, plaque and promotional product suppliers on the internet and has an award to suit all occasions. They also offer an engraving service to make the award that little bit more personal. If you are looking for a special way of saying ‘keep up the good work’ to your staff then a trophy or an award from EDCO is the perfect solution!

If you are thinking of employing an employee recognition system and rewarding your staff with either a trophy or an award then you need to go about it in a logical manner. You will first need to establish criteria on which performance or contribution can be tested against. Figure out what behavior or actions you deem rewardable and make sure you stick to these rules. Remember that all employee should be eligible for recognition. When you reward your employee’s with some sort of an award or a trophy you need to be clear about what behaviors or actions are being recognized. This will make it easier for the employer to do the same again and again and will encourage other members of staff to follow suit.

Try and make the recognition of good behavior as close to the actual action as possible, so that the employee feels a sense of immediate recognition, thus making them more likely to do the same again in the future. When it comes to recognizing good behavior amongst your staff, you need to design a process that doesn’t look like you are actively ‘selecting’ certain people as this can come across as favoritism and encourage bad feeling and resentment.

For businesses who want to show their appreciation of all the hard work put in by an individual or a group of employees then look no further than EDCO Awards and Specialties. The awards available will make your employees extremely proud and you can choose from a wide range of items to suit almost any occasion, you can even customize with engraving, etching, screen printing, lasering if you want! Why not raise the morale of your team by showing them that you really appreciate how hard they are working for you by giving them an award to signify just how well they are doing! We all like to be told when we are doing well and an award or trophy is the perfect way to encourage good behavior and motivate staff. Give your staff a great big ‘well done’ today with an award or trophy from Edco Awards & Specialties, serving South Florida for over 40 years!


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