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Service Award Ideas and Employee Years of Service Trophies - 50 Examples

 Years of Service Crystal Tower Trophy  Service Anniversary Diamond Tower Award  3 Year Anniversary Award  5 Year Anniversary Award  8 Year Anniversary Award  Crystal 5 Years of Service Award  Crystal 10 Years of Service Award  10 Year Anniversary Award Decade of Dedication Award 15 Years of Excellence Award  15 Year Anniversary Award Dos Decades Award  20 Year Anniversary Award Quarter Century Award  25 Year Anniversary Award Big 10 Award Custom 15 Award 5 Years of Service Trophy  10 Years of Service Acrylic Award 15 Years of Service Trophy 20 Years of Service Trophy Top of the Pyramid Award  Leadership Crystal Circle Award Stoke the Fire Award  Military Service Crystal Award Special Recognition of Military Service Award Distinguished Service Military Award Top Performance Award Corporate Excellence Award Blue My Mind Award Always on Time Award Best Time Management Award  Sapphire Crystal Clock  Crystal Gavel Plaque Award  Global Celebration Award  Avant Red Crystal  Employee Goal-Setter Red  Perpetual Goal Buster Award  Premiera Plaque  Employee Spotlight Gold Award Plaque  Employee Spotlight Silver Award Plaque  Continental World Globe Award Plaque  Prismatic Jewel Diamond with Color Fill  Faceted Crystal Flame Trophy - Full Color Imprint  Key Employee Crystal Award  Employee Goal-Setter Blue  Employee Goal-Setter Green  Distinction Perpetual Glass Award  Achievement World Globe Award  Retirement Symphony Crystal Award  Retirement Wave Crystal Award

A work anniversary is about more than just a static milestone. Your employees keep your organization running all year long. When someone has been around for 5, 10, or over 20 years, they deserve a thoughtful, meaningful award.

It can be tricky to come up with unique employee service award ideas. That’s what we’re here for. At EDCO, we specialize in producing the highest-quality custom trophies and awards on the market.

Reward the hardest workers on your team with personalized inscriptions on beautiful awards, trophies, and plaques from EDCO. Use this as a guide for trophy ideas for the best employee service awards.

A List of Top 50 Service Award Ideas and Employee Years of Service Trophies

  1. X Years of Top-Tier Service Award
  2. Home-Run Service Award
  3. 3-Year Anniversary Desktop Award
  4. 5-Year Anniversary Desktop Award
  5. 8-Year Anniversary Desktop Award
  6. Half a Decade of Service Award
  7. 10 Years of Service Award
  8. Decade of Dedication Award
  9. 15 Years of Excellence Award
  10. 15-Year Anniversary Desktop Award
  11. Dos Decades Award
  12. 20 Years of Commitment Desktop Award
  13. Quarter Century Award
  14. 25-Year Anniversary Desktop Award
  15. Big 10 Award
  16. Custom 15 Award
  17. 5 Years of Service Trophy
  18. 10 Years of Service Trophy
  19. 15 Years of Service Trophy
  20. 20 Years of Service Trophy
  21. Top of the Pyramid Award
  22. Inspirational Leadership Award
  23. Stoke the Fire Award
  24. Honorable Military Service Award
  25. Special Recognition of Military Service Award
  26. Distinguished Service Military Award
  27. Top Performance Award
  28. Corporate Excellence Award
  29. Blue My Mind Award
  30. Always on Time Award
  31. Best Time Management Award
  32. Super Streamliner Award
  33. Leadership Legacy Award
  34. Global Ambassador Award
  35. Tech Trailblazer Award
  36. Customer Service Spotlight Award
  37. Premium Professionalism Award
  38. Professional Goal Buster Award
  39. Sales Trailblazer Award
  40. Red Our Minds Award
  41. Women in Business Award
  42. Excellent Performance Award
  43. Radiant Performance Award
  44. Key Player Award
  45. Top Seller Award
  46. Customer Acquisition Champion Award
  47. Employee of the Month Perpetual Award
  48. Annual Achievement Award
  49. End of the Show Award
  50. Ride the Waves of Retirement Award

What Kinds of Years of Service Awards Should You Use?

There are a wide variety of employee years of service awards that you can use to tangibly show appreciation to your team. The categories we most often see include:

Each of these categories includes several awards that you can choose to best celebrate and appreciate your workforce. What follows is a compilation of our favorite plaques and trophies that will make your employees feel seen for their excellent work and perseverance!

Work Anniversary & Years of Service Numeric Awards:

Celebrating Employee Milestones

Category Overview

Every employee has an important role to play in your company’s operations. It’s time to celebrate the years they’ve put in with Years of Service Numeric Awards. These gorgeous, high-quality trophies offer a meaningful token of recognition that your employees will display for years to come. You can also opt for a Years of Service Plaque instead of a trophy. These timeless pieces complement employee offices, homes, and display cabinets within your organization.

You should also consider work anniversary plaques. Anniversaries are just as important as the total number of years an employee has served your organization. Keep hiring and enrollment dates in mind to better recognize your team’s anniversaries.

Some of our favorite employee milestone awards include:

  • X Years of Top-Tier Service Award
  • Home-Run Service Award
  • 3-Year Anniversary Desktop Award
  • 5-Year Anniversary Desktop Award
  • 8-Year Anniversary Desktop Award
  • Half a Decade of Service Award
  • 10 Years of Service Award
  • Decade of Dedication Award
  • 15 Years of Excellence Award
  • 15-Year Anniversary Desktop Award
  • Dos Decades Award
  • 20 Years of Commitment Desktop Award
  • Quarter Century Award
  • 25-Year Anniversary Desktop Award
  • Big 10 Award
  • Custom 15 Award
  • 5 Years of Service Trophy
  • 10 Years of Service Trophy
  • 15 Years of Service Trophy
  • 20 Years of Service Trophy

At EDCO, we offer Work Anniversary Awards and Trophies. These offerings will make your employees feel valued and special. Make sure you include specific anniversary dates in the custom inscriptions on each award. After all, it always feels nice to know that your employer remembers when you first started.

X Years of Top-Tier Service Award

Our Years of Service Crystal Tower Trophy is very symbolic. It represents the way that this employee has elevated your company and offered up their best work. Combining a service anniversary award with general recognition is always the way to go. The recipient is sure to feel appreciated and proud of their hard work.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Thank you for X years of top-tier service. Your hard work and dedication are unmatched!”
  • “Your work is always top-tier. We appreciate your strength, hard work, and dedication!”
  • “Congratulations on hitting X years of top-tier service. Please accept our sincere gratitude!”
  • “You’ve offered us X years of service and dedication. Please accept our congratulations and gratitude!”

Make sure your inscriptions are both sincere and professional. This crystal award is durable while reflecting light beautifully. The recipient is sure to feel appreciated and reflect positively on their years of service with your company.

2. Home-Run Service Award

The diamond shape of this anniversary award resembles a baseball field. This is especially useful if the recipient you have in mind really likes baseball and other sports. You can recognize your team member’s excellence and dedication with a relevant metaphor and high-quality appreciation award.

We recommend our Service Anniversary Diamond Tower Award for this particular honor. Made from pure crystal, this piece will look stunning and grand for years to come. It captures the light perfectly and reflects the recipient’s stunning quality of work.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “You knock your work out of the park. Thank you for X years of service!”
  • “You never hesitate to play ball and get the job done. Thank you for X years of dedicated service with (company name).”
  • “Everything you produce is a grand success. Thanks for spending X years with us!”
  • “You’re a home run in our hearts. Congratulations on X years of service with us!”

If these baseball ideas don’t seem quite right, you could also use diamond metaphors. However, baseball has underlying themes that apply well to employee anniversary recognition ideas like this one.

3. 3-Year Anniversary Desktop Award

Recognize the first few years of your employee’s journey with your company with a 3-Year Anniversary Award for recognition. Our 3 Year Anniversary Award is the perfect acrylic desktop decoration to celebrate this honor.

Formulate a warm but brief inscription for the base of this award. Include the employee’s name and a concise congratulatory message from your company. They’ll treasure this keepsake, especially since 3-year anniversary awards are less common.

4. 5-Year Anniversary Desktop Award

Do you need a quality acrylic award to celebrate an employee’s 5-year anniversary? Our 5 Year Anniversary Award is the perfect choice for their office or display shelf. It’s durable without feeling cheap or flimsy. If you choose not to opt for a heavy-duty crystal award, this one is the way to go.

Much like the 3-Year Anniversary Award, you’ll want to keep the inscription short. Recognize the recipient’s value in your company and celebrate their anniversary in style.

5. 8-Year Anniversary Desktop Award

8-year anniversaries usually go under the radar, but this doesn’t have to be the case in your company. Call out your dedicated employees’ loyalty with our 8 Year Anniversary Award. Our sturdy acrylic desktop awards offer a constant reminder of the recipient’s value within your organization.

You can add the name of your company at the bottom of the award or just include the personalized inscription. Either way, the recipient will feel loved and cherished when they receive it.

6. Half a Decade of Service Award

This award is for any employee approaching their 5-year anniversary with your business. We recommend gifting them our Crystal 5 Years of Service Award to highlight this achievement.

By using the title of “Half a Decade” Service Award, you emphasize the significance of five years of service. Half of a decade sounds more important and prominent than just saying “five years.” This anniversary trophy is perfect for calling extra attention to this specific landmark in your employees’ careers.

There is ample room on the base of this crystal award for personalized inscriptions. You can include the recipient’s name here and call the honor of five years of service out directly. Employees love to feel like their years of service matter in relation to your company’s long-term success.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “(Employee name) Congratulations on 5 years of wonderful service and hard work. We appreciate you!”
  • “(Employee name) Your hard work has been a cornerstone of our company for 5 years now. We can’t wait to see your future accomplishments!”
  • “(Employee name) Please accept our sincere gratitude for your 5 years of quality service with (company name).”

Keep the inscription succinct and relevant to this specific award. There are other creative honors if you want a more niche or character-filled option.

7. 10 Years of Service Award

Our Crystal 10 Years of Service Award is here to shine the spotlight on your dedicated employees. They’ve been with you for a decade now, and they deserve recognition. Much like the Half a Decade Award, the 10 Years of Service Award features numerals on the top of the base. This piece is made from solid crystal and reflects all colors of the rainbow in almost any lighting.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “(Employee name) Congratulations on 10 years of excellent service and dedication. We appreciate you!”
  • “(Employee name) Your hard work has elevated our company for 10 years now. We can’t wait to see where you go from here!”
  • “(Employee name) Please accept our sincere congratulations on hitting 10 years of impeccable service with (company name).”

Since these milestones are so similar, it’s okay to reuse inscription ideas. The goal is to convey your appreciation and recognition of the recipient’s long-standing service to your organization. You can even pair this with another employee service award.

8. Decade of Dedication Award

Gift the Decade of Dedication Award to an employee who has just hit their 10-year anniversary with your company. We recommend our 10 Year Anniversary Award for this honor. This acrylic desktop award serves as a reminder of their loyalty to your organization. They’ve spent 10 years perfecting their service, and they’ll value your appreciation when they receive this honor.

9. 15 Years of Excellence Award

Celebrate your employee’s 15 years of quality work and loyalty to your company with our Crystal 15 Years of Service Award. This is almost two decades of service. Make sure you show appropriate gratitude and recognition for any employee who reaches this milestone.

Come up with a personalized inscription that conveys your company’s appreciation for the 15-year benchmark. Include the recipient’s name and professional title, as with every service award.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “(Employee name) Congratulations on hitting 15 years of leadership and excellence within our organization. We appreciate you!”
  • “(Employee name) Thank you for 15 years of dedicated service and excellent communication.”
  • “(Employee name) We extend our sincere congratulations on reaching 15 years of impeccable work and service!”

You can mix and match these inscription sentiments to find the most relevant and tailored to your company. We recommend custom-ordering each 15 Years of Excellence Award separately to personalize them for each employee.

10. 15-Year Anniversary Desktop Award

This award will serve as a reminder that your employee has spent a decade and a half with your company. Our 15 Year Anniversary Award gets the job done for an affordable price. You can still communicate your appreciation and celebration of the recipient while keeping to a budget.

Include their name, title within the company, and a brief congratulatory message on the acrylic base of this award. Remember that they’ll likely display it until their 20th-anniversary rolls around.

11. Dos Decades Award

With a nod to the Spanish language, this award conveys your appreciation for the recipient’s two decades of service. 20 years is a long time to stay committed to one business or organization. Recognize this achievement with an honorable Crystal 20 Years of Service Award.

Whether your workforce is bilingual or not, this is a unique and personable award to give out. It puts a twist on the traditional 20-year milestone recognition you’d typically go for.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “(Employee name) You’ve been with us for two decades now. We couldn’t be more thankful for you!”
  • “(Employee name) Thanks for 20 years of excellent service and leadership at (company name). We appreciate everything you do!”
  • “(Employee name) Congratulations on hitting two decades of wonderful service and teamwork. We appreciate you!”

If the recipient happens to speak Spanish, you can formulate the inscriptions in full Spanish. That way, the award is more authentic and personalized.

12. 20 Years of Commitment Desktop Award

Do you need a desktop award for someone’s 20th-anniversary celebration? Our 20 Year Anniversary Award is the perfect affordable choice. Its durability and long-lasting shine add value to any employee’s desk after their 20th-anniversary with your company.

20 years is a very long time to stay committed to one company. We recommend gifting this award during a celebration, like a party or special ceremony. Doing so allows the recipient to feel the love and value that they have within your organization.

13. Quarter Century Award

Being with your organization for a quarter of a century is a big deal! Celebrate an employee’s loyalty and their many achievements with our Crystal 25 Years of Service Award.

This employee has been with your team through many leadership changes, challenges, and growing pains. Make sure you communicate a heartfelt appreciation for their service in your inscription.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “(Employee name) Thanks for dedicating your professional skills to our organization for a quarter of a century!”
  • “(Employee name) Congratulations on 25 years of service and dedication. We love and appreciate you!”
  • “(Employee name) Please accept our sincerest thank-you for working with us for 25 years. Thanks for all that you do!”
  • “(Employee name) Thanks for spending 25 years helping us grow and succeed. We love and appreciate you!”

This gorgeous crystal award reflects the quality of the recipient’s excellent service and leadership in your company. The 25-year milestone is one of the biggest an employee can achieve. Make sure you make this award count.

14. 25-Year Anniversary Desktop Award

After 25 years of excellence and dedication, this recipient deserves this desktop award. Use our 25-Year Anniversary Award to communicate your gratitude for this employee’s loyalty and commitment. Add their name, professional title, and a brief congratulatory message to the base of this award.

15. Big 10 Award

If you’re looking for an alternative to glass and crystal 10-year awards, our Number 10 Acrylic Award is the perfect choice. This durable, high-quality acrylic piece communicates congratulations on the “big 10” milestone in an employee’s career. We print these in full color, too, making them highly customizable and aesthetically pleasing.

Know that there’s no space for inscription messages on this piece. However, you can (and should) add the employee’s name to the “1” portion of this award. If you so choose, you can also add your company name to the “0” part.

16. Custom 15 Award

Our Number 15 Acrylic Award is the perfect full-color award to give out for an employee’s 15-year anniversary. You can add any colors and logos you want, along with the recipient’s name and your company’s name.

This custom desktop award is resistant to breaks, cracks, and chips. You never have to worry about sacrificing quality for attractive pricing with EDCO.

17. 5 Years of Service Trophy

Celebrate five incredible years of service with this desktop acrylic trophy for your employees. Our 5 Years of Service Acrylic Award is among our most affordable anniversary awards.

18. 10 Years of Service Trophy

Gift this to an employee coming up on 10 years of wonderful service within your organization. There’s plenty of space for your brand or organization’s logo and a brief congratulatory message. Our 10 Years of Service Acrylic Award communicates your gratitude wonderfully.

19. 15 Years of Service Trophy

Congratulate an employee of 15 years with this small desktop award. Our 15 Years of Service Acrylic Award is a good budget option for those who want to acknowledge important anniversaries without breaking the bank.

20. 20 Years of Service Trophy

Two decades of service is no small feat. Celebrate this employee’s anniversary with our 20 Years of Service Acrylic Award. Include this honor as part of an anniversary gift package. Alternatively, simply surprise the recipient by placing it on their desk.

Employee Service Trophies: Outstanding Contributions

Category Overview

Are you looking to recognize specific employees for their top achievements or overall performance? If so, our Employee Service Trophies are just what you need. These are essential for creating a motivating, rewarding work environment for everyone. For example, you may want to recognize an employee who has a 10-year anniversary coming up. Maybe they also contributed heavily to team leadership and management. Knock out both of these important recognitions with our Employee Service Trophies.

Our top employee service trophies include:

  • Top of the Pyramid Award
  • Inspirational Leadership Award
  • Stoke the Fire Award
  • Honorable Military Service Award
  • Special Recognition of Military Service Award
  • Distinguished Service Military Award
  • Top Performance Award
  • Corporate Excellence Award
  • Blue My Mind Award
  • Always on Time Award
  • Best Time Management Award
  • Super Streamliner Award
  • Leadership Legacy Award
  • Global Ambassador Award
  • Tech Trailblazer Award
  • Customer Service Spotlight Award
  • Premium Professionalism Award
  • Professional Goal Buster Award
  • Sales Trailblazer Award
  • Red Our Minds Award
  • Women in Business Award

Here’s what you could use each one of these fun award ideas for.

21. Top of the Pyramid Award

Our Elemental Pyramid Award is high-quality and attractive. Made from deep blue and clear crystal elements, this award will surely become a prized possession of each recipient.

Gift the Top of the Pyramid Award to an employee who has demonstrated excellent leadership skills during their service. This piece symbolizes the recipient’s commitment to leading others and ensuring the entire “pyramid” (organization) thrives. Recognize their top-notch service with this thick, personalized piece.

  • “Your leadership skills are unmatched. Thanks for uplifting everyone in our organization!”
  • “You remain at the top of the pyramid with excellent leadership and communication skills. We appreciate and recognize you!”
  • “Thanks for extending your service throughout all levels of our organization. We see and appreciate your hard work!”

These inscriptions all communicate your gratitude while simultaneously calling out the recipient’s specific desirable skills. This award is sure to motivate the rest of your team.

22. Inspirational Leadership Award

Another way to recognize top-tier leadership skills is by specifically celebrating the inspiration they bring to their team. Our Leadership Crystal Circle Award is the perfect fit for this honorable title.

Great leaders do more than command or direct. They inspire, sharing their ideas with coworkers and leading the team into success after success. Give the gift of leadership recognition with this honorable award.

  • “Your ability to lead is awe-inspiring. Thank you for your excellence in (leadership role)!”
  • “We recognize your excellent leadership and communication skills. Please accept this honorable award.”
  • “Thank you for sharing in the success of this company with your awe-inspiring leadership skills. We couldn’t do it without you!”
  • “You’re always a wonderful team leader. Thanks for all that you do!”

If there are any specific character traits that this leader regularly displays, include them in your personalized inscription.

23. Stoke the Fire Award

This award is for an employee who frequently “stokes the fire” of your company. They inspire others and have a contagious positive attitude. Maybe they’ve recently contributed directly to a successful project or pulled record numbers. No matter their specific accomplishments, they should be recognized for them.

Present our Employee Appreciation Flame Award to someone whose work ethic and talents are on fire. They stop at nothing to fuel your company with energy and motivation, and they’re irreplaceable.

  • “Your performance is on fire! Keep up the great work.”
  • “Thanks for being a leader by motivating and inspiring those around you. We appreciate your dedication!”
  • “Way to go – you’re on fire! Keep up your excellent work in (company or team name).”
  • “Thanks for stoking our fires and keeping us running year-round. You’re valuable and irreplaceable!”

If specific aspects of their performance contribute to this award, include them in your brief inscription. This will solidify the recipient’s motivation to continue striving for greatness.

24. Honorable Military Service Award

The U.S. military protects and serves our country. Without our troops, we wouldn’t be a unified, safe nation. Present the Honorable Military Service Award to a serviceman or servicewoman who demonstrates excellence and leadership.

We recommend our Military Service Crystal Award for this honor. It was designed specifically for this purpose, and it will look amazing on the recipient’s display shelf for years to come. They’ll always have a reminder of how important their service is.

  • “(Military title and name) Your honorable service is most valuable to our nation. Thanks for all that you’ve done.”
  • “(Military title and name) Thanks for X years of service in (service branch). Your service has saved lives – and our nation.”
  • “(Military title and name) Please accept this honorable award as a token of our gratitude. Your service is of the utmost importance to our nation and our freedom.”
  • “(Military title and name) Thanks for your honorable service in (service branch). Your leadership skills and dedication are unmatched.”

Always include the proper title for the recipient of this award. In the military, titles are everything. They display the person’s rank and privileges, so always double-check you have these details right before handing this one out.

25. Special Recognition of Military Service Award

Another way to recognize your employees who defend the country is by celebrating their specific achievements in the military. Our Special Recognition Military Award Wedge offers a patriotic and professional token of your gratitude to the recipient. In the line of duty, service members sacrifice a lot. Show your recognition using this stunning, high-quality award.

  • “In honor of (specific achievement or milestone). Thank you for your service in (military branch).”
  • “Recognizing your excellence in (specific achievement) on (date). Thank you for your service to this nation.”
  • “Your sacrifices and perseverance are notable. Please accept this special recognition of (specific achievement or milestone). Thank you for your service!”

Always include the recipient’s proper military title on the award. Make sure you commemorate any recent promotions. These happen often, and it’s the respectful thing to do.

26. Distinguished Service Military Award

In the U.S. military, “distinguished service” is related to a specific duty or honorable task. Gift the Distinguished Service Crystal Award to a recipient who has demonstrated great sacrifice and bravery in the line of duty. This title is considered to be a high honor when it comes to military awards.

It’s best to keep your inscription short and sweet. Include the award title and name of the recipient to dedicate the award to them. This award category is well-known in the armed services.

27. Top Performance Award

This award is incredibly versatile. You can give it out quarterly, at the end of projects, or whenever your company needs to recognize top performers. Our Employee Service Crystal is the perfect match for the Top Performance Award honor.

Since this award is so flexible, we recommend coming up with a few personalized inscriptions for each purpose. For example, if you want to hand it out at the end of a particularly tough project but also at the end of each year, you’ll need different engravings.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “We recognize your skilled dedication to (project name). Keep up the amazing work!”
  • “Thanks for being a top performer in (quarter or year). We couldn’t do this without you!”
  • “You’ve consistently been a top performer on our team. Congratulations, and please accept this great honor!”
  • “You and your team collaborated with excellence to work on (project name). We recognize and appreciate all that you’ve done!”

Tailor the inscriptions to the specific achievements you’re recognizing. The recipients will feel proud and motivated to do their best on every project that’s yet to come.

28. Corporate Excellence Award

It takes special skills and personality traits to excel in the corporate world. Use the Corporate Excellence title to convey your pride and gratitude through corporate awards. We recommend our Crystal Service Award Plaque as a polished, heavy-duty token of the recipient’s achievements.

“Corporate excellence” can have many different meanings. You’ll want to tailor the title and inscription to suit your needs.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Your excellence makes the office a great place to be. Thanks for your hard work!”
  • “You’ve demonstrated excellence in (performance category). Please accept our recognition of your accomplishments!”
  • “The performance and security of our company relies on hard work like yours. Thanks for demonstrating corporate excellence!”
  • “You have everything it takes to succeed in (industry name). Thanks for going above and beyond to make our workplace excellent!”

Whenever possible, use specific adjectives (like financial, collaborative, and the like) to spruce up this award.

29. Blue My Mind Award

Our Avant Blue Crystal Award has a sleek, professional look, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for lighthearted awards. When it comes to trophy ideas for employee service awards, this one is pretty versatile. The Blue My Mind Award is for outstanding performance in surprising projects.

Recipients of this award have demonstrated mind-blowing competence and excellence. They’ve driven your organization toward success, and they deserve to be celebrated.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Your outstanding performance and dedication consistently blow our minds. Great job!”
  • “Your intelligence and critical thinking skills blow us out of the water every quarter. Congratulations!”
  • “Thanks for your dedication to (project name). Your hard work blue our minds!”

Make it clear that this award is not just a joke or a lighthearted gift. Instead, emphasize that it’s a quality token of your recognition and appreciation.

30. Always on Time Award

One simple aspect of employee service is punctuality. If you don’t have a team that’s on time consistently, your business will suffer. Reward those who always check the clock with our beautiful Crystal Desk Clock Award.

Inscription ideas:

  • “You’re always watching the clock so you can be on time. We deeply appreciate you!”
  • “Thanks for being punctual and responsible with your time. We see you!”
  • “Punctuality is the cornerstone of our organization. We couldn’t meet our deadlines without you!”
  • “Thanks for always showing up at the right times. We appreciate you!”

You can use this award for other purposes, but rewarding punctuality is always a good idea. Doing so helps boost morale and encourages your other team members to value this trait as well.

31. Best Time Management Award

Similar to the Always On Time Award, this one honors employees who manage their time efficiently. They pay attention to deadlines and always get everything done in the proper order. We recommend our gorgeous Sapphire Crystal Timekeeper Desk Clock Award for this honor.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Thank you for bringing your excellent time management skills to our organization. We appreciate all that you do!”
  • “You’re the best at keeping the clock and meeting deadlines. We recognize and appreciate your efforts.”
  • “Your time management and efficiency are both unmatched. Thanks for all that you do for us!”

By showing your gratitude for this employee’s hard work, you motivate them to continue abiding by the clock.

32. Super Streamliner Award

Which of your dedicated employees can consolidate and streamline any task? Make sure to give the Super Streamliner Award to the person who comes to mind. Our Sapphire Crystal Clock represents this honor very well.

The beautiful blue clock award symbolizes your recipient’s ability to work efficiently. This employee can somehow always combine several tasks into one streamlined process.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “You’re our superstar streamliner! Thanks for all that you do.”
  • “Thanks for always consolidating and streamlining our workflow. We need you!”
  • “We couldn’t achieve success without your excellent streamlining skills. Thanks for all that you do for us!”
  • “Your workflow is superior, and we appreciate your dedication to streamlining and efficiency.”

This could be an annual award or simply given out whenever you notice these skills emerging in certain team members. It’s important to stay ahead of the game and reward hard workers for their unique traits.

33. Leadership Legacy Award

Do you know of a team member who has held positions of leadership for many years now? This person’s lasting legacy will carry your business toward success for years to come. Gift them our Crystal Gavel Plaque Award to represent their superior leadership skills.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Your leadership has left a lasting legacy within our organization. Thank you for always demonstrating excellence.”
  • “Our organization has improved immensely under your leadership and guidance. Thanks for all that you do!”
  • “Your superior leadership and communication skills are highly valuable to us. Thank you for contributing to our organization!”

These awards make great retirement gifts because they offer a meaningful symbol of the recipient’s time with your organization. When a leader is on their way out, it’s important to give them an appropriate farewell.

34. Global Ambassador Award

Global brand ambassadors do the heavy lifting in spreading your brand’s positive reputation worldwide. It only makes sense that they are rewarded for their incredible dedication. Our Continental World Globe Award Plaque is the perfect gift for such a recipient.

The globe on this award plaque symbolizes the continents that your global ambassador has worked on. They go the extra mile to ensure your brand lives on as a successful, positive figure worldwide. Reward them with this high-quality, gorgeous award.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “From sea to shining sea, you take our brand to the next level. Thanks for being the best Global Ambassador we could ask for!”
  • “Your global marketing skills are unmatched. Thanks for elevating our brand across the world!”
  • “We appreciate your never-ending dedication to spreading our brand everywhere you go. Your efforts are much appreciated!”

It isn’t easy to excel at being a global ambassador, so make sure you recognize and appreciate yours while they’re elevating your company. Without global ambassadors, your brand may not have the notoriety and revenue it currently boasts.

35. Tech Trailblazer Award

The silver hues of this sophisticated award symbolize the latest technology. The Tech Trailblazer Award goes to your best employee in software development. They spend countless hours refining your company’s tech to ensure it works smoothly and generates plenty of revenue.

Add our Employee Spotlight Silver Award Plaque to your cart for this honor. Your recipient can display the plaque on their desk or in their home office for years to come.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Thanks for paving the way for our technological success. We couldn’t do this without you!”
  • “We extend our sincerest gratitude for your accomplishments in our technology sector. Thanks for all that you do!”
  • “You’ve created a long-lasting platform for us to thrive on. Thanks for being our tech trailblazer!”

You can adjust these inscriptions or the award title for specific job duties. For example, you may award it to a user experience designer instead of a software developer. That would require slightly different wording and descriptions.

36. Customer Service Spotlight Award

Our Employee Spotlight Gold Award Plaque is perfect for recognizing excellence in customer service. Solid communication between buyers and your business is the foundation for all your profits. When you have a master customer service representative, it makes things much better for everyone.

Gift the Customer Service Spotlight Award to an employee who always puts the customer first. They know how to work with and for your customers’ interests without sacrificing your organization’s needs.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “You’re a master in customer service. Thanks for bridging the gap between our customers and our business!”
  • “Excellence is the name of your customer service game. Thanks for all that you do!”
  • “We appreciate and value your wonderful customer service skills. Thanks for always working hard!”
  • “Customers are at the heart of what we do, and you work with them masterfully. Thanks for your superb efforts!”

It takes a special type of employee to excel in customer service. When you see one, it’s important to call out their skills.

37. Premium Professionalism Award

Professionalism keeps a workplace full of positivity and productivity. Our Premiera Plaque was designed using modern techniques for a sleek, professional overall appearance. This makes it the perfect choice for a Premium Professionalism Award.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Thanks for keeping our workplace professional and productive. Your leadership means a lot to us!”
  • “Thank you for setting a great example in your professionalism and personal conduct. We value you!”
  • “Your professionalism shines through in everything you do. Keep up the great work!”

Calling attention to these smaller details in the workplace boosts morale and fosters a more productive environment for everyone. A team that values professionalism will ultimately be a successful one.

38. Professional Goal Buster Award

This award goes to the employee who is always crossing the finish line on amazing projects and achievements. Being a goal-buster means pushing the envelope, working hard, and doing what it takes to be successful. Our Perpetual Goal Buster Award is made for just this purpose: celebrating multiple achievements at a time.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Accept this award as an acknowledgment of your continuous dedication to reaching your goals. We admire your perseverance!”
  • “Your resilience and strong work ethic are evident in all that you do. Keep up your amazing work this (quarter or year)!”
  • “You’ve reached every milestone you’ve set your mind to. We recognize and appreciate your hard work and dedication!”

Make sure you fill out the custom goals on the side of this award to match the recipient’s professional experiences. You can use this award to highlight quarterly achievements or important milestones reached throughout the year.

39. Sales Trailblazer Award

No matter what industry you work in, sales are crucial for profits. The Sales Trailblazer Award goes to the team member who consistently paves the way for greater sales numbers.

Our Employee Goal-Setter Red Award showcases the tenacity and commitment of your top seller. The gorgeous red hues make for a lovely desk decoration or display cabinet addition.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “You’ve paved the way for our financial success. We recognize and appreciate you!”
  • “You’re a true Sales Trailblazer in our industry. Way to go!”
  • “Along with hitting all of your milestones, you take the ceiling off of future sales goals. Great job!”
  • “Keep up your hard work and dedication throughout your career. We appreciate your efforts!”

You can combine this honor with the Top Seller Award in a tier system. For example, the Top Seller Award may go to the employee with the highest amount in gross sales. However, the Sales Trailblazer Award can go to the employee who opened the most accounts or acquired the most new customers that quarter or year.

40. Red Our Minds Award

Has an employee recently met an objective they didn’t even know existed? Maybe they have continued to improve in unexpected areas. Whatever the case, they should know that their actions seem almost telepathic. We recommend our Avant Red Crystal for this award.

The Red Our Minds Award symbolizes an employee’s ability to adapt to your company’s needs. They’re a self-starter who doesn’t need much direct guidance. Once they know the basics, they continue to impress with their performance — it’s almost as if they’ve read your mind.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “You met (objective) and made it look easy. Congratulations!”
  • “We always hoped for (milestone) for our company, and you’ve helped us achieve it. Did you read our minds? Thank you for your hard work!”
  • “Your ability to read the room and stay in tune with our organization’s needs is very valuable. We appreciate your intuitive nature!”

Celebrating the inherent traits of your employees is a surefire way to make them feel appreciated and valuable at work. Don’t skip out on these seemingly casual award categories.

41. Women in Business Award

Every field benefits from women’s hard work and professionalism. Celebrate the inclusion and accomplishments of the women in your organization using our Global Celebration Award. It features a woman holding up a globe and represents female achievement in business.

You can use this for annual awards, quarterly recognitions, or any other professional purposes. Your inscription will change according to your award needs. The women in your organization will feel valued, included, and respected when you recognize their accomplishments.

Perpetual Recognition Awards: Specific Goals and Achievements

Category Overview

Nothing feels better than being recognized for the specific goals you’ve achieved at work. You can provide this uplifting experience to your employees thanks to our Perpetual Recognition Awards. These glass and crystal pieces communicate your organization’s gratitude for each employee’s hard work. You’ll probably give out many of these awards since they are designed for ongoing accomplishments. The more specific you get with your award titles and personalized inscriptions, the better.

Our favorite ideas for perpetual recognition awards include:

  • Excellent Performance Award
  • Radiant Performance Award
  • Key Player Award
  • Top Seller Award
  • Customer Acquisition Champion Award

Make sure you describe the projects, goals, and achievements you’re recognizing on each award. Both the title and the custom inscription should communicate this information concisely. However, don’t skip out on warm adjectives and praise.

42. Excellent Performance Award

This stunning, color-filled award calls out the excellence and professionalism of the recipient. Their performance has been on point lately, and they deserve to be recognized for it. Use our Prismatic Jewel Diamond with Color Fill to show your gratitude as an employer.

The Excellent Performance Award can apply to any industry with any objectives. You might give these out quarterly, annually, or as often as necessary. If you have a truly wonderful team, you could find yourself gifting Excellent Performance Awards often.

  • Inscription suggestions:
  • “You’ve showcased your professional excellence in more ways than one. Take this as a token of our recognition!”
  • “We’re grateful for your hard work, dedication, and professional excellence. Please accept this honor within (company name).”
  • “Thanks for your top-tier performance this quarter. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to excellence!”
  • “Your professionalism and excellence are unmatched. Thanks for all that you’ve done!”

You can personalize the aesthetics of this award using our full-color customization process. You can change the inscriptions depending on the excellence award category to suit your company’s needs.

43. Radiant Performance Award

Our Faceted Crystal Flame Trophy comes with a full-color imprint. This is the perfect piece for conveying your enthusiasm for the recipient’s strong skills and over-the-top performance.

Recipients of this trophy will always have a reminder of their outstanding performance on a project or collaborative, successful venture. Reward their colorful efforts with an equally colorful flame trophy.

  • Inscription suggestions:
  • “You displayed a radiant performance on (project name). Way to go!”
  • “Your dedication and performance quality are unmatched. Keep up the great work!”
  • “Thanks for your hard work and top-quality performance this (quarter or year). We recognize and appreciate your excellence!”

The light will reflect the color imprints on this flame trophy beautifully. As your heartfelt inscription communicates your appreciation, each recipient will take pride in their own performance over and over again.

44. Key Player Award

Key players are necessary for a company’s success and positive reputation. There are likely a few key players within your organization. Award them our Key Employee Crystal Award to symbolize your gratitude for their significant contributions.

  • Inscription suggestions:
  • “You play a key role in ensuring our success. Thanks for everything you contribute!”
  • “Without you, we wouldn’t be able to achieve as many milestones. Thanks for being a key team player!”
  • “You hold the key to our organization’s success and efficiency. We appreciate you!”
  • “Please accept this honor as one of our key team members who keeps things running smoothly.”

You can give these during project completions or biannual reviews. Alternatively, you might choose to issue them at the end of each calendar year. Whenever you distribute these awards, they are sure to bring honor to each recipient’s career.

45. Top Seller Award

Working in sales means hitting several financial milestones each quarter. The Top Seller Award goes to the team member who consistently hits their numbers and increases your profits. Our Employee Goal-Setter Blue Award is perfect for celebrating this employee’s sales achievements.

  • Inscription suggestions:
  • “In recognition of your outstanding performance this (quarter or year). You’ve reached all of your goals and more. Great job!”
  • “Honoring your endless commitment to being our Top Seller in (field name). We appreciate your hard work and dedication!”
  • “Congratulations! You’ve met or exceeded all of your sales goals for (quarter or year). We recognize your commitment and hard work!”

Adding the sales milestones to the side of this award creates a personalized touch that the recipient can look back on for years to come. This award may serve as both a personal milestone and a motivating factor in this employee’s career.

46. Customer Acquisition Champion Award

The Customer Acquisition Champion Award also celebrates sales milestones. New customer accounts translate to more sales for your business, making this award relevant and honorable. We recommend our Employee Goal-Setter Green Award for this honor.

  • Inscription suggestions:
  • “Because of you, we’ve increased our open accounts. Way to go!”
  • “You’re a rockstar at new customer acquisition. Thanks for all that you do!”
  • “Customer accounts are the cornerstone of our business. Thanks for staying the course with us!”
  • “You’ve opened many new accounts and increased our revenue this (quarter or year). Way to go!”

The sidebars of this award have space for custom dollar amounts. You can translate the account revenue from this employee into fixed amounts or change the format entirely. No matter what you choose, the recipient will be grateful for this recognition.

Employee of the Month/Year Plaques: Motivate the Whole Team

Category Overview

Loyalty is the foundation of any smooth-running business or organization. Encourage this in an authentic way by giving out Employee of the Month Plaques. By consistently recognizing your employees’ efforts, you remind them that the work they do matters. What could be better for cultivating an inspiring and motivated workforce?

Our top employee of the month awards include:

  • Employee of the Month Perpetual Award
  • Annual Achievement Award

You can organize your Employee of the Month/Year award system however you like. Keep in mind that you’ll be giving out other corporate awards, too — this one is just a complement to the others.

47. Employee of the Month Perpetual Award

This award is unique in that it celebrates multiple employees at once. You can reserve nameplates for future use or order them all simultaneously as a yearly recap. Our Distinction Perpetual Glass Award is perfect for showcasing all the Employees of the Month in a given year.

On this award, the inscriptions include each employee’s name and the month they received this title. In the middle, include your organization’s name, the year, and an “Employee of the Month” distinction. You can also engrave your company’s logo on the bottom for added cohesion.

48. Annual Achievement Award

This versatile award can fit into any industry or career field out there. Every year, there’s at least one employee who has gone above and beyond for your organization.

Maybe they had the most in sales or connected your business to the most paying customers. Our Achievement World Globe Award is a great pick for communicating your gratitude and recognition.

Inscribe this award according to your industry’s needs. We recommend adding the title of the accomplishment (for example, “Top Sales Representative of the Year”) to the base. Then, you can add the recipient’s name and your company’s logo if necessary.

Retirement Awards: Heartfelt Farewells for Dedicated Employees

Category Overview

Retirement is a big deal. Most people wait their entire working lives to transition into post-working life. When someone reaches this stage at your business or organization, you should make sure the retiring team member feels loved and appreciated on their way out.

Celebrate your employee’s retirement with these awards:

  • End of the Show Award
  • Ride the Waves of Retirement Award

Our quality Retirement Awards communicate this exact message: that the retiree is going to be missed. Recognize this employee’s years of service, outstanding accomplishments, and desirable character traits with a personalized inscription.

49. End of the Show Award

Endings aren’t always negative. In fact, when a beloved colleague and dedicated employee retires, it’s a bittersweet moment. Show your appreciation for their journey within your company over the years with our Retirement Symphony Crystal Award.

This award references a symphonic performance, and the recipient’s retirement is the “end of the show.” Give them the lasting gift of your well wishes as they exit your organization and prepare for their next steps.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “You brought joy and success to our organization for X years. Congratulations on your retirement; we wish you the best!”
  • “Thank you for X years of excellent service. Wishing you all the best in your next adventures!”
  • “We recognize the bittersweetness of this moment. Best of luck in your retirement years!”
  • “Thank you for all you have done for us. Congratulations on reaching retirement; we wish you good luck in your next adventures!”

Highlight the positives, especially the employee’s hard work, loyalty, and dedication. It will be very meaningful for the recipient to have a token of their former employer’s well wishes as they navigate their post-retirement years.

50. Ride the Waves of Retirement Award

This award has plenty of space for a long, sincere, and passionate inscription. You should gift our Retirement Wave Crystal Awards to employees who have dedicated several years to your company. Once it’s time for them to move on, they can always keep a token of your gratitude with them.

Retirement is much like the ocean; it’s full of ups and downs, and all you can do is ride the waves. Appropriately named for this experience, the Ride the Waves of Retirement Award serves as a reminder to take life as it comes. Many retiring folks appreciate this sentiment.

For this inscription, you can be long-winded without running out of space. You might include a personalized letter from the head of the company or project manager or snippets of encouragement from coworkers. No matter how you choose to inscribe this award, the recipient will be forever grateful.

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