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Trophy Store Supplying Los Angeles: Sport Trophies, Corporate Awards and Plaques


Trophies, Corporate Awards, Plaques and Custom Awards supplier to Los Angeles, California.  Edco Awards offers 1 and 2-day production service and quick shipping on all awards! Design custom awards for your upcoming celebration, corporate retreat, school graduation or special occasion and have them delivered right to your door. EDCO Awards offers premium quality trophies and recognition plaques constructed from crystal, glass, acrylic and wood. We offer free shipping and guaranteed on-time delivery anywhere in Los Angeles! Buy direct from the factory and save! Shop now for LA's favorite award selections below or browse our complete collection of over 2000 awards and trophies.

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Discover Excellence with Edco Awards & Specialties, Los Angeles' Trophies, Plaques, and Custom Awards Expert


Edco Awards & Specialties stands as a distinguished provider of trophies and awards, firmly establishing itself as a leading supplier of recognition products in Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding regions. With an expansive range of product categories, unparalleled shipping services, and a profound appreciation for the transformative influence of awards, Edco is revolutionizing the way we acknowledge and inspire individuals within our organizations.

Diverse Product Categories for Awards & Tropheis:

Edco's comprehensive product selection encompasses numerous categories, each designed to cater to distinct recognition needs. Let's explore some of these categories:

  1. Sports Trophies: Edco offers an extensive collection of sports trophies, honoring achievements in a wide range of athletic disciplines. Whether it's soccer, basketball, baseball, or golf, their trophies capture the essence of sporting excellence. For example, the "Classic Achievement Baseball Trophy" beautifully embodies the spirit of the game.

  2. Award Plaques: Award plaques have long symbolized appreciation and recognition. Edco provides a wide array, including wooden, metal, and glass plaques. The "Alder Wood Plaque" is a timeless and elegant choice.

  3. Crystal Awards: For those seeking elegance and sophistication, Edco's crystal awards are a top-notch option. The "Crystal Diamond Tower" epitomizes this category with its dazzling facets and enduring design.

  4. Glass Awards: Glass awards seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with artistic craftsmanship. The "Glass Rectangle Award" is a prime example of their glass offerings, a sleek and stylish choice for recognition.

  5. Custom Awards in Crystal and Acrylic: Edco's ability to customize awards with company logos and personalized messages sets them apart. Whether it's a crystal or acrylic award, the possibilities are limitless, and the "Crystal Logo Award" showcases their customization expertise.

Shipping Services to Los Angeles, CA, and Nearby Areas Edco Awards & Specialties goes the extra mile to ensure prompt delivery and convenience. They offer free 1 and 2-day rush service, making last-minute recognition effortless. This commitment extends to Los Angeles and neighboring cities, ensuring that areas like Long Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and Anaheim have access to their exceptional products with swift turnaround times.

Moreover, Edco provides free shipping on all orders over $100, underscoring their commitment to cost-effective recognition solutions.

The Transformative Power of Awards

Awards hold a unique position in organizational culture, serving as tangible symbols of appreciation and motivation. They inspire employees and staff members to reach new heights, contributing to organizational success in several ways:

  1. Motivation: Awards act as powerful motivators, encouraging individuals to perform at their best. When employees witness their efforts recognized and celebrated, they are inspired to go the extra mile.

  2. Retention: Recognizing employees through awards aids in retention. When individuals feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to remain with the organization.

  3. Productivity: Awards promote healthy competition and enhance productivity. Knowing that hard work can lead to recognition encourages employees to strive for excellence.

  4. Team Building: Awards can foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Recognizing collective achievements strengthens bonds within teams and departments.

  5. Organizational Culture: Awards play a significant role in shaping the culture of an organization. A culture of recognition fosters a positive work environment where individuals feel appreciated and valued.

Edco Awards: Theme-Based Trophy Products

A standout feature of Edco Awards & Specialties is our extensive array of theme-based products, including:

  1. Employee Recognition Awards: Honoring outstanding contributions and dedication of employees with awards like the "Employee of the Year Crystal Award."

  2. Years of Service Awards: Celebrating loyalty and commitment with awards like the "Sapphire Years of Service Plaque."

  3. Employee of the Month Plaques: Acknowledging monthly excellence with plaques like the "Classic Employee of the Month Plaque."

  4. Leadership Trophies: Recognizing leadership skills with trophies like the "Executive Leadership Crystal Trophy."

At Edco, we recognize that acknowledging employees is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. We offer theme-based products that resonate with the specific accomplishments and values of organizations.

Edco Awards & Specialties transcends being just a supplier of trophies and awards in Los Angeles, California; it serves as a catalyst for recognition and inspiration. With a broad range of product categories, unmatched shipping services, and a profound understanding of the transformative power of awards, Edco is reshaping the way organizations in the vibrant city of Los Angeles celebrate their employees and motivate them to reach greater heights. From sports trophies to custom crystal awards, Edco provides a recognition solution for every occasion, leaving a trail of motivation, appreciation, and success in the City of Angels and its surrounding areas.



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