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Fantasy Football Trophies

Celebrate Victory with a Custom Fantasy Football Trophy


Fantasy Football Trophies, where the thrill of competition meets the excitement of recognition! Fantasy football trophies are coveted symbols of triumph and camaraderie in the world of fantasy sports, awarded to league champions and top performers for their strategic prowess and dedication throughout the season. As one of the most popular manufacturers of fantasy football trophies, Edco Awards is dedicated to providing a wide range of options to suit every league's needs. From traditional trophies with customizable plate combinations ranging from 4 to 12, to championship belts and custom awards, Edco ensures that every league can find the perfect trophy to commemorate their season's achievements. With options for personalized bases and additional plates, Edco's fantasy football trophies are designed to honor winners for years to come, making them cherished keepsakes for players and league organizers alike.

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Humor and Competition: Examples of Funny Fantasy Football Trophies


Fantasy football trophies often serve as humorous symbols of camaraderie and competition within leagues, reflecting the playful spirit of the game while also honoring the dedication and strategic prowess of participants. The competitive nature of fantasy football enthusiasts is fueled by their desire to outwit and outperform their opponents, driving them to meticulously analyze player statistics, make strategic roster decisions, and engage in friendly banter throughout the season.

Funny Fantasy Football Trophy Names:

  • The Toilet Bowl: Awarded to the team with the worst record, this tongue-in-cheek trophy humorously celebrates the "champion" of underperformance.
  • The Sacko: Inspired by the TV show "The League," this trophy is bestowed upon the last-place finisher, adding an element of humor to the season's lowest achiever.
  • The Golden Goose Egg: Given to the team that has the unfortunate distinction of scoring the fewest points in a single week, this trophy playfully acknowledges the agony of a particularly dismal performance.
  • The Armchair Quarterback: Awarded to the owner known for making questionable lineup decisions or overzealous trade offers, this trophy humorously highlights the pitfalls of fantasy football management.
  • The Fantasy Failboat: Recognizing the team that falls short of expectations despite high hopes and bold predictions, this trophy adds a lighthearted twist to the disappointment of a disappointing season.

Popular Fantasy Football Award Names:

  • The Gridiron Gladiator Trophy: Symbolizing the fierce competitiveness of fantasy football, this award honors the league champion who emerges victorious after a season-long battle on the virtual gridiron.
  • The Pigskin Pioneer Plaque: Celebrating the innovative strategies and bold moves of a visionary fantasy football manager, this award recognizes the trailblazer who leads their team to success.
  • The Touchdown Titan Trophy: Reflecting the dominance and scoring prowess of the league's top performer, this award pays tribute to the player who consistently racks up points and leads their team to victory.
  • The Fantasy Football Hall of Fame Induction: Bestowed upon a legendary player who has consistently excelled over multiple seasons, this prestigious award honors a fantasy football icon's lasting impact on the league.
  • The Commissioner's Cup: Presented by the league commissioner, this award recognizes outstanding sportsmanship, leadership, and dedication to the spirit of fair play within the fantasy football community.


Celebrating Excellence with Crystal Football Trophies and Classic MVP Designs

Edco Awards offers a comprehensive range of football trophies, catering to every aspect of the game's achievements and accolades. From exquisite crystal football awards and trophies to timeless classic designs honoring football MVPs, Edco Awards provides a diverse selection to suit every league, team, and player.

Crystal Football Awards and Trophies: Edco Awards' crystal football awards and trophies stand as stunning tributes to the skill, dedication, and triumphs of football players and teams. Crafted from premium-quality crystal, these awards exude elegance and sophistication, making them the perfect centerpiece for any awards ceremony or presentation. With intricate designs and customizable engraving options, Edco's crystal football awards are timeless keepsakes that commemorate unforgettable moments on the gridiron.

Classic Designs for Football MVPs: In addition to crystal football awards, Edco offers classic designs tailored specifically for football MVPs. These traditional trophies and plaques pay homage to the most valuable players on the field, celebrating their exceptional talent, leadership, and contributions to their teams' success. From towering trophies to sleek plaques, Edco's classic football MVP designs honor the achievements of standout players with timeless style and elegance.

Whether you're recognizing individual accomplishments, team victories, or league championships, Edco Awards' football awards collection provides a wide range of options to honor the dedication and excellence of football players at every level. With customizable engraving and quick production turnaround, Edco Awards ensures that your football awards are personalized and delivered with the highest quality and craftsmanship, making them cherished symbols of achievement for years to come.