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Sales Awards & Trophies

Sales are the engine that makes your whole business run. Rewarding your top business development executives with well-earned sales awards is one of the most important parts of any employee recognition program, and it will get you real results. Satisfied salespeople make more sales and increase customer loyalty – and you can’t put a price on that. Sales achievement awards that recognize milestones and inspire other team members to reach even higher also improve morale and retention, all at a very low cost to you.

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Majestic Pyramid

As low as $105.80

Monster Salesman ...

As low as $10.28

Omni Globe Award

Globe Award
As low as $328.83

Outstanding Sales...

Outstanding Salesperson
As low as $1.51

Premier Crystal C...

As low as $230.25

Premier Diamond C...

As low as $75.47

Pristine Crystal ...

As low as $49.88

Recognition Star ...

As low as $83.44

Rocket Ship Troph...

As low as $13.48

Round Corner Rose...

As low as $59.50

Ruby Crystal Vict...

As low as $120.39

Sales Shark Bobbl...

Sales Shark
As low as $13.09

Sapphire Ridge Cr...

Sapphire Ridge
As low as $100.70

Sculpted Waterfal...

As low as $127.32

Small Bulldog Tro...

As low as $36.43

Superhero Trophy

As low as $9.25


As low as $15.71

Teamwork Recognit...

As low as $163.51

Touch the Sky Art...

As low as $133.96

Ultra Thick Cryst...

As low as $47.72

EDCO offers many options to choose from to make your recognition program a success. We stand behind our products, and all of our sales awards and trophies are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Plus, we offer free shipping on orders over $100, free rush shipping and guaranteed on-time delivery. Custom engraving is included in the price, so you can make any sales achievement award personalized and meaningful. At EDCO, the customer is always right – or your money back.


The Highest-Quality Sales Achievement Awards

EDCO sales achievement awards are constructed from the best materials you can get and assembled right here in America. Our K9 optical crystal is the best clarity on the market, with silica, potash and lead oxide that take its sparkle to another level. Art glass awards are hand-blown and one-of-a-kind conversation pieces, while acrylic and multimedia sales awards can be completely customized to your own design.

We sell beautiful top sales recognition award plaques as well as diamond level sales awards that your recipients will proudly display for years to come. Browse our collection of sales awards below and feel free to incorporate our sample wording inscriptions. We’re also happy to help you choose the style or message that matches your company branding and your special occasion. Our customer service team is U.S.-based, so you’ll always get quick, helpful responses to your questions. Look around and feel free to ask us anything – we’ll help you find the perfect sales award.