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Sports Trophies

Celebrating Excellence with Sport Trophies for Every Sport


At EDCO Awards, we take pride in being a leading manufacturer of sports trophies, serving athletes and sports organizations across the United States with a diverse range of awards. Our product lineup includes column trophies, engraved medals, resin trophies, crystal awards, and acrylic awards tailored for every sporting event. We specialize in creating custom trophies and awards for popular sports such as football, baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, and wrestling, ensuring that each piece reflects the spirit of competition and achievement.


Sport Trophies Inspire and Celebrate Athletic Excellence


Our Sport trophies and customizable trophies are crafted with precision and creativity, allowing for a high level of personalization. We understand the significance of custom design trophies that resonate with the ethos of the sport and the achievements of the athletes. Our personalized trophies and awards are not just symbols of victory; they are a source of inspiration for young athletes, encouraging them to strive for excellence and reach their full potential.


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Tower Soccer
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Champions Basketball Trophy
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Elevating the Game with Sport Trophies and Awards for Champions


EDCO's custom trophies online service makes it easy for clubs and organizations to order customized trophies tailored to their specific needs, from anywhere in the country. The use of our custom sports trophies by some of the largest sporting clubs in the United States is a testament to the quality and appeal of our products. These organizations recognize the value of rewarding their members with premium plaques and trophies that not only celebrate success but also foster a culture of achievement and motivation.

Our trophies and awards are designed to be more than just decorative items; they are a pivotal part of the sporting experience, enhancing the competitive atmosphere and providing a tangible goal for participants. Whether it’s through custom medals and trophies or more traditional column trophies, EDCO Awards helps immortalize moments of triumph in sports. The impact of such recognition is profound, as it helps to build confidence and drive in young athletes, pushing them to continue improving and pursuing their sporting dreams.

By choosing EDCO Awards for your custom trophies and awards needs, you’re partnering with a company that understands the power of recognition and the importance of quality. Each of our products, from the intricately designed customizable trophies to the robust and elegant custom awards and trophies, is made to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. Let EDCO Awards help you celebrate and inspire achievement in your sports community with our exceptional range of trophies and awards.


Popular Sport Trophy Examples


Building on our commitment to excellence in recognizing athletic achievements, EDCO Awards offers a diverse range of specialized trophies and awards tailored to each sport's unique spirit and competitive requirements. Here, we provide specific product examples from our extensive collection at, highlighting how each is designed to celebrate and inspire athletes across various sporting categories:

  • Football Trophies:

    • Perpetual Football Trophy: The Football Perpetual Hall of Fame Trophy is perfect for annual leagues, this trophy features a large, impressive design with customizable nameplates for each year's champion, embodying the ongoing spirit of competition in football.
    • Vince Lombardi Replica Trophy: The Vince Lombardi Replica Trophy is a meticulously crafted homage to one of the most iconic symbols of football excellence. Made from cast resin and painted in silver, this replica embodies the prestige of the original trophy awarded to the Super Bowl champions.
  • Basketball Trophies:

    • Bronze Resin Basketball Trophy: The Bronzestone Basketball Replica Trophy captures the energy of the game with a gold-finished resin basketball poised for action, great for MVPs or team championships.
    • Basketball Tower Trophy: The Tower Basketball Trophy is a sleek, modern design that stands tall, much like the players it aims to honor, perfect for tournaments and special recognitions.
  • Baseball Trophies:

    • Baseball Tower Trophy: The Tower Baseball Trophy reflects the classic aesthetic of baseball, this trophy features detailed engravings of baseball scenes, suitable for personal achievement or team success.
    • Classic Glove Baseball Trophy: The Bronzestone Baseball Glove Award is an iconic glove and ball design that instantly connects with the heritage of baseball, ideal for youth leagues and school tournaments.
  • Golf Trophies:

    • Crystal Golf Ball Trophy: The Collegiate Golf Crystal Award features a golf ball mounted on a crystal base, this trophy with a 3D golfing design is a premium choice for tournaments, club champions, or special recognitions within the golf community.
    • Golf Swing Resin Trophy: Our Golf Champion Award depicts a golfer in mid-swing, perfect for capturing the elegance and skill of the sport, suitable for both amateur and professional levels.
  • Soccer Trophies:

    • Crystal Soccer Trophy:  Our Champions Obelisk Crystal Soccer Trophy is extraordinary! Showcasing a faceted optic crystal obelisk, engraved with your custom details, and is beautifully accented by a sleek black crystal base and riser. At its zenith, a captivating spinning soccer ball adds a dynamic touch, signifying the pinnacle of achievement.
    • World Cup Replica Trophy: The World Cup Replica Trophy is expertly crafted from cast resin and beautifully finished in a striking two-tone silver and gold, mirroring the iconic original. This replica is perfect for celebrating soccer achievements, adding a touch of global sports prestige to any collection or event.
  • Wrestling Trophies:

    • Wrestling Guillotine Trophy: The Wrestling Guillotine Trophy is constructed from cast resin and boasts an elegant antique bronze finish, capturing the intensity of the sport in its depiction of a classic wrestling hold. Its substantial weight adds to the authentic feel and prestige, making it a cherished award for any wrestling event or achievement.
    • Double Wrestler Silverstone Trophy: The Double Wrestler Silverstone Trophy features an intricately sculpted depiction of a classic wrestling takedown, capturing the essence of wrestling prowess. Skillfully finished in pewter with subtle gold-tone highlights, this award stands proudly on a oval base with a customized plate.
  • Bowling Trophies:

    • Crystal Bowling Pin Trophy: The Classic Bowling Pin Crystal Award is a timeless masterpiece that pays homage to the sport of bowling. Featuring a magnificent multi-faceted bowling pin trophy gracefully elevated upon a sleek black crystal base, this award is a true work of art. Your heartfelt congratulatory message will be meticulously engraved on a black plate, adding a personal touch to this elegant accolade.
    • Pro Shield Bowling Trophy: The Pro Shield Bowling Trophy features a detailed depiction of bowling pins and a ball, this award is suitable for recognizing top players or special contributors within bowling clubs. Your congratulatory message is proudly engraved on a gold plate at the base of the trophy.

Each of these products from EDCO Awards is crafted with the highest standards of quality and design precision, ensuring that every trophy not only commemorates achievements but also inspires athletes to reach new heights in their sports careers. Whether for annual championships, special tournaments, or individual recognitions, EDCO Awards provides the perfect solution to celebrate and motivate athletes across all levels of sports.