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There is nothing ordinary about Acrylic Awards from EDCO!  Our collection showcases the newest designs as well as traditional clear and jade acrylics with your choice of laser engraving or full color printing.  Create elegant high-tech custom acrylic awards with EDCO for your next awards banquet, you will be glad you did!

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Acrylic Flame Award

As low as $38.66

Oxford Acrylic Award

As low as $38.66

Beveled Octagon Acrylic Award

Beveled Octagon
As low as $40.20

Clear Acrylic Circle Trophy

Acrylic Circle
As low as $24.55

Premium Acrylic Diamond

Beveled Diamond
As low as $30.23

Custom Printed Acrylic Clock Award

Faceted Clock
As low as $45.94

Palisades Award

Palisades Award
As low as $111.33

Cascade Acrylic Award

Cascade Award
As low as $32.78

Hexagon Tower

Hexagon Tower
As low as $46.47

Acrylic Block Award

Acrylic Block Award
As low as $18.16

Lumina Star Plaque

As low as $52.26

Art-Stone Recognition Plaque

Stone Art Plaque
As low as $41.02

Gold Marquis Diamond

Gold Marquis
As low as $42.23

Iced Edge Acrylic Paperweight

Iced Edge Award
As low as $20.70

Jewel Octagon

Jewel Octagon
As low as $35.18

Acrylic Chroma Plaque

Acrylic Chroma
As low as $29.47

Acrylic Sail Award

As low as $41.81

Acrylic Surround Circle

Surround Circle
As low as $43.04

Contour Beveled Oval

Beveled Oval
As low as $24.19

Excellence Star Acrylic Award

Excellence Star
As low as $28.69

Ruby Diamond Series

Ruby Diamond
As low as $36.33

Sapphire Diamond Acrylic Awards

Sapphire Diamond
As low as $35.80

Faceted Acrylic Clock Award

Faceted Clock
As low as $43.60

Royal Crown Acrylic Award

Royal Crown
As low as $54.31

Acrylic Chroma Wave

Acrylic Chroma
As low as $32.22

Acrylic Rocket Award

As low as $41.81

Acrylic Round

As low as $13.58

Acrylic Starward

Acrylic Starward
As low as $24.92