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Blog posts of '2011' 'April'

Tree of Life Fundraiser

Church Fund Raising


The Edco Awards & Specialties Tree of Life fundraiser is a most effective and beautiful way to recognize and motivate donors to your organization. Let us help your organization raise money and recognize the donors with this beautiful product.

Our "Tree" has helped many parishes, hospitals, schools, temples and other non-profits realize the goals they have set for fundraising. Some of the specific purposes have been to Recognize contributors to a building fund or fund-raising campaign, honor contributors to an endowment fund, salute individuals or groups for outstanding service or achievements or just to create a tasteful memorial space.

The Tree of Life needs approximately 7 feet x 7 feet of wall space. The tree is made of gold "leaves", attached by screws and mounted on .220 clear acrylic. The tree trunk is real wood, profiled on a CNC, beveled, stained and lacquered. Imagine what a tribute to your generous contributors the Edco Awards & Specialties Tree of Life fund raiser will be in your organization. Also available are custom dimensional letters to name your tree.

The Tree of Life is so successful because the donor's personalized message that will be on display forever.

Click on the image below to go to our Tree of Life page for more details including the financial benefits available with this tree.

Edco Inscription Guide

The most important part of the award you select, whether it be a crystal vase, trophy or plaque is the inscription. Don't be mistaken, we place great emphasis on unique ideas, first class quality, workmanship and price, but we realize that awards are meant to be more than just pretty. The inscription or engraving as we refer to it, should be something that really touches the recipient, something that positively displays your appreciation, admiration, or gratitude.

Because of this Edco developed our On-Line Inscription guide.  This guide contains many, many sample award inscriptions for a wide variety of categories. Edco will guarantee the best quality and the lowest price, but the inscription is typically your creation.  Let us help with our Inscription guide! Click below to see the guide.  Many people use the layouts as they are, changing only the recipient name, organization and date.  At Edco, we always try and make it easy yet exquisite!

Inscription Guide

Edco Loves QR Codes!

No doubt you have seen the black and white patterns that are popping up all over.  These little patterns are called Quick Response "QR" codes.  The barcode has been around since 1994, but is only now gaining popularity in the US.  These codes can contain a phone number, a link to a web page or a plain text message.
They have become a great addition to your advertising specialty logo/image because one click with a cell phone that has a QR Code app (free) and the person is looking at your web page or their phone is calling you!
Edco can put a QR code on most any ad specialty item.  We like them so much that we have several QR code stickers on our delivery van and even have free tote bags with a QR code on them (while the supply lasts) for you when you stop in our Ft. Lauderdale store.
Wikipedia QR Code entry -
Site to generate your own QR Code -

Let us help you market your business, club, church, school.  Exposure and PR is everything!
See the QR just in front of the drivers door down the blog on the date March 2, 2011?


Mugs with QR Code on them

Edco Prints Banners

Edco has been printing vinyl banners for many years using Roland and HP brand printers.  Our awards customers find that frequently a banner is a great addition to their award ceremony and our commercial, church, school and club customers find these vinyl banners to be a great way to advertise.  Vinyl banners typically come with brass grommets and rope.  Edco makes vinyl banners any size you need them.  Vinyl banners are a very effective way to promote.


In addition to vinyl banners the printing equipment prints many types of interior and exterior signs, paper posters, paper posters mounted on foam board and even canvas.  Scientific posters are one of our specialties with a Ph.D. available for technical questions.  Other popular products produced with the printing equipment are decals, bumper stickers, golf T-signs, directional signage, pop displays, menu boards and other advertising products. 


The image below is our large format printer actually printing a vinyl banner.


Large format printer

Boost Morale With Employee Recognition Awards

Keeping staff morale up can be a constant battle for any business owner, but keeping your staff happy is an essential part of running a successful business. EDCO Awards & Specialties manufactures employee recognition awards designed to inspire motivation in your team membvers. If staff isn’t happy it can drastically affect their productivity and the effort they put into every day at the office. Recognition and appreciation is the key to keeping spirits up in the office and employees who do not get the recognition they deserve often feel disheartened and un-motivated.

In some cases, all you need to do to boost morale is to tell someone they are doing well, after all we all love receiving praise. However, sometimes just saying ‘well done’ doesn’t go far enough.  As a business owner you may feel that you need to go that extra mile to ensure that the employee in question knows exactly how grateful you are and that you consider them a very valuable member of the team. This is where presenting your team or an individual with a trophy or an award can work wonders. An award for hard work shows that you are prepared to go that little bit further to reward your dedicated employees and this will encourage enthusiasm and motivation.

In a time where employees are always on the look out for new career opportunities and are ready to switch jobs should a better position come around, it is important for management to take employee recognition seriously. Appreciation and recognition are two important factors in keeping staff motivated at work and ensure that they stay loyal to the company. After all, a motivated work force means for greater productivity and more success for you and your business!

It’s a good idea for businesses to allocate a certain portion of the budget to put towards employee recognition awards in order for this system to become an accepted part of the way the business works. While it is sometimes good to get fresh talent in, it is important to remember that on-the-job experience really is invaluable. Why spend time and money training new staff and neglecting other members of staff when you could be utilizing older members of staff and making sure that all their knowledge is used in an effective way? Make sure all your members of staff know just how much you appreciate them with employee recognition awards and your company to ensure benefit from the added motivation.

Investing in your staff is the best way to increase profits so take every opportunity to appreciate all the work your staff are doing on your behalf. Presenting your staff with awards and trophies will not only motivate the individual but could also inspire other members of the team to work hard to receive the same. There are various options when it comes to rewarding your staff with gifts. One of the most popular is to use trophies or awards as these are things that can be shown off to family and friends.  However, you need to make sure that the awards or trophies that you give are of a good quality otherwise it may put employees off. Make sure the award matches the level of hard work the employee has put in otherwise it could lead to disappointment.

Remember you are trying to motivate and encourage your staff with these awards so make sure they look good. EDCO Awards and Specialties will assure that your awards are perfect; they are the premier trophy, plaque and promotional product supplier on the internet. Here you will find an award for any occasion.

Directional and Informational Signage

Edco Awards & Specialties has been a producer of directional and informational signage for many, many years.  We make anything from very small legend plates for equipment to large outdoor advertising signs.  We utilize a variety of materials and processes including all types of plastic, acrylic, solid surface material, wood, glass, vinyl and metal.  The methods we use to imprint or letter range from printing with the large format printer, UV flatbed printer, plotted and weeded vinyl letters, laser engraving and laser cutting as well as cutting substrate up to 1" thick and to sizes of 48" x 96" on our Multicam CNC router.  A couple of our salespeople are experts in designing signage systems and American with Disablities Act signs (ADA signage).  To create your sign we need as little as a concept from you.  Let us do the rest!

Directional signage