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Blog posts of '2012' 'September'

New sports, scholastic trophies and awards catch attention

Edco Awards & Specialties new website showcases more than 300 trophy designs


With eye-popping colors, distinct shapes and spinnable features, trophies and awards for sports recognition and academic achievement have come a long way from the ones you might remember collecting dust in grandma’s attic.


We have launched a new website to showcase more than 300 available trophy styles, including new, customizable designs that are sure to be stars on anyone’s desk or bookcase. Our new trophy awards section is divided into six groupings that highlight various trophy styles, includin single-post trophiesdouble-posttriple-postfour-postparticipation an achievement trophies.


Among our offerings are several new lines for 2012. In the category of Participation Trophies, we have added theSport Motion line of sports trophies, which includes Sport Motion figures for football, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, hockey, soccer, softball, volleyball, cheerleading and karate. The 13” customizable sports trophies feature a star burst riser with a 2” epoxy domed insert that can be used to include a club or school logo. The trophies also are available in various colors and textures.


Also new in athletic awards are sport ball trophies, including Squeezable Spinner Trophies, with squeezable balls that spin and can be removed from the trophy. The new star-themed Superstar Spinner Trophies also incorporate balls that spin.


Included among the Participation Trophies are Scholastic Series, which include multiple colorful star-themed awards with customizable inserts for recognition of any scholastic achievement.


Founded in 1963, we pride ourselves in personalized customer service. From corporate awards to sports trophies, our staff provides expert advice on trophy and award selection and customization options.


For more information or to obtain a 2012-13 catalog, contact Edco at 800-377-8646.

Custom Awards Build Brand Equity

Custom awards build brand equity. They are great for corporate retreats and special events.


Custom awards are a great way to build logo and brand equity. Our customers love this option because it's easy, fast and ultimately an amazing value! OK, so basically we start with your idea or company logo and build the award around it. We have the facilities and tools that allow us to create custom shapes from acrylics which are later engraved or printed in full color to create impressive one-of-a-kind custom trophies. All of our awards are crafted in-house which gives us control over the entire production process and enables us to provide our customers with innovative, premium quality awards for a great value.


Take a look at our latest creation, a Custom Surfboard Award fabricated from .5" thick clear acrylic. These beachy awards will be presented to the winners of the Surftown Half Marathon. The printing was done in reverse on the back side of the acrylic to give this trophy a really cool dimensional look. The surfboard topper is elevated on a clear acrylic base with a gold plate with personalized engraving.


We can produce just about anything, so don't set limits just on awards!

Use Corporate Gifts To Show Employee Recognition

Corporate Awards Meeting


Use Corporate Gifts To Show Employee Recognition



Corporate gifts don’t have to be expensive, although they certainly can be if you want. It can just be something that says the company has noticed their hard work and want to say thanks for it. Such a small gesture as this will produce such happiness among your employees that you it might amaze you.



Following the receipt of corporate gifts, don’t be surprised to see your employees working even harder than they were before. When employees are singled out and recognized in this way for what they bring to the company, you can bet they’ll continue to be top notch employees. Sometimes recognition in this way means more than a paycheck ever could.



Offer your employees gifts that are custom printed. Awards like these can have the person’s name along with their achievement engraved beside the company logo. Anything from simple engraved plaques to obelisk structures in the form of crystal awards are great ways to show employee achievement. Companies also have been known to host entire dinners where these awards are presented to the employees.



However you choose to present your corporate gifts to your employees most likely doesn’t matter. In this instance, it’s more the gesture and what that means. When you single out each employee to present the award, you’re also giving her, or him, a moment of glory to bask in.