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A Look at the most Famous Trophies
A Look at the most Famous Trophies

Created in a variety of shapes and sizes, many sporting events have unique trophies for the winning team or player. Some of the most famous sporting trophies include the Commissioner’s Trophy, the Heisman Trophy, the Stanley Cup, and the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Certain trophies are produced each year while others use the same trophy year after year. Most of these trophies are instantaneously recognizable even to people outside of the sport, and depending on the material, design, and production costs, each trophy has a different value. Take time to research the trophies so you are informed on the most famous pieces of hardware.

Commissioner's Trophy

The Winning Team of the MLB World Series


Tiffany &Amp; Co.

Sterling Silver


FIFA World Cup Trophy

The Winning Team of the FiFA World Cup


Silvio Gazzaniga



Gentlemen's Singles Trophy

The Winning Player for Men's Singles at Wimbledon


All England CLub

Silver Gilt


Heisman Trophy

The Most Outstanding Player in College Football


Frank Eliscu



Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy

The Winning Team of the NBA Championship


Tiffany & Co.

Sterling Silver


Stanley Cup

The Winning Team of the NHL Championship


Lord Stanley of Preston



Venus Rosewater Dish

The Winning Player for Women's Singles at Wimbledon


Elkington and Co.

Sterling Silver


Vince Lombardi Trophy

The Winning Team of the NFL SuperBowl


Tiffany & Co.

Sterling Silver


Iconic Trophies
Iconic Trophies

A timeline of some of the most famous awards created throughout history. Including the NFL's Lombardi Trophy and FIFA's World Cup. As time goes on the glory and the legend of these famous trophies continues to live on in the minds, hearts and dreams of players and fans alike.