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Various Types of Plaques
Various Types of Plaques
Looking for the perfect plaque to convey recognition to your employees? At EDCO, we offer a host of award plaques perfect for employee recognition at any level of the company. Here are some of our favorites!
5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees
5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Keeping your employees motivated is essential to maximize productivity and overall workplace satisfaction. Creating a workplace culture and environment that is desirable provides employees the motivation necessary to put their best efforts forth, resulting in growth and expansion. When you know how to motivate your employees, keep them happy and willing to contribute as much as possible while they are on the job.

Offer Workplace Incentives

Offer workplace incentives that include promotions, bonuses, recognition programs and even additional vacation time. Incentives are a great way to keep employees focused, working hard and excited about their positions. Base incentives on sales, completed projects, or new ideas that you plan to implement into your current business model. Avoid excluding any of your employees regardless of their current position by utilizing multiple incentive programs for each independent department.

Provide Recognition for Hardworking Employees

Praising and providing recognition to hardworking employees is a way to build a workplace that is welcoming and comfortable. When employees feel appreciated and proud of their work accomplishments, they are more likely to contribute additional ideas while completing their work without constant reminders. Employees who feel they make real contributions to their job are ultimately more satisfied, incentivizing them to stick around while helping the company continue to grow. A recognition program can make all the difference here. Using custom engraved Award Plaques can motivate and inspire your team to reach new heights. 

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Add Support Services

Provide support services to all of your employees, regardless of their positions and current seniority. Support services may include therapy, counseling, HR departments, and even team meetings and sessions. Helping your employees feel supported and guided in all facets in life is extremely beneficial when you prefer retaining them as long as possible.


Flex Time Options

Strict schedules without flexibility quickly cause employees to feel stressed and in some cases, burnt out. Offer flex time options to employees who are always on time or complete work without issue. Allow your employees to rework their schedules to create a healthy work and life balance. When employees feel trapped in their current work situation and schedule, they are less likely to put their best work forward and often find themselves out of energy to get the job done. Flex time provides employees with a sense of freedom and independence, making them happier to work for you and contribute to the team.


Working Remotely

One of the biggest workplace trends on the rise includes working from home or remotely. When employees have the opportunity to work from home, they feel trusted, appreciated, and independent. Consider offering your employees to work from home on set days based on their schedules. In some cases, employees are able to work from home at all times, cutting workplace office costs while still maximizing productivity. Remote employees take their positions seriously and work hard to ensure they are capable of maintaining their sense of freedom.


Understanding the importance of motivation in the workplace is imperative when you want to manage or operate a business that is positive and successful. With the right motivation techniques, keep those who work for you optimistic and satisfied with their career and future goals.