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Google Maps Exposes EDCO!

It's official!  The EDCO letters we placed on the roof of the building on Davie Boulevard are now visible on Google Maps.  See our post of March 2, 2011 to read all about it!  The contest for $100.00 is over though.  We are sorry there was no winner.

See the actual Google page here

Letters on Edco roof

Edco Supports Burger Battle!

Edco is proud to be a sponsor of the 2011 Burger Battle.  See our name on all the signage and promotional literature!

Riverwalk Trust will host Fort Lauderdale’s second annual Burger Battle Presented by Publix Apron’s Cooking School on Friday, May 13, 2011 from 7 to 10 p.m. on the Riverside Hotel Lawn, 620 E. Las Olas Blvd. in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.  Some of the city’s top restaurants will compete, showcasing their creativity and grilling skills to about 1,000 guests. The event will bring together local employees, residents and businesses for an evening of gourmet burger creations, cocktails and fun, while raising funds to support the Riverwalk Trust’s mission of building and nurturing a vibrant community connected by the New River.

Edco Awards and Specialties involvement stems from the long time production of signage and engraved bricks for the Riverwalk Trust.

Burger battle

Tree of Life Fundraiser

Church Fund Raising


The Edco Awards & Specialties Tree of Life fundraiser is a most effective and beautiful way to recognize and motivate donors to your organization. Let us help your organization raise money and recognize the donors with this beautiful product.

Our "Tree" has helped many parishes, hospitals, schools, temples and other non-profits realize the goals they have set for fundraising. Some of the specific purposes have been to Recognize contributors to a building fund or fund-raising campaign, honor contributors to an endowment fund, salute individuals or groups for outstanding service or achievements or just to create a tasteful memorial space.

The Tree of Life needs approximately 7 feet x 7 feet of wall space. The tree is made of gold "leaves", attached by screws and mounted on .220 clear acrylic. The tree trunk is real wood, profiled on a CNC, beveled, stained and lacquered. Imagine what a tribute to your generous contributors the Edco Awards & Specialties Tree of Life fund raiser will be in your organization. Also available are custom dimensional letters to name your tree.

The Tree of Life is so successful because the donor's personalized message that will be on display forever.

Click on the image below to go to our Tree of Life page for more details including the financial benefits available with this tree.

Edco Loves QR Codes!

No doubt you have seen the black and white patterns that are popping up all over.  These little patterns are called Quick Response "QR" codes.  The barcode has been around since 1994, but is only now gaining popularity in the US.  These codes can contain a phone number, a link to a web page or a plain text message.
They have become a great addition to your advertising specialty logo/image because one click with a cell phone that has a QR Code app (free) and the person is looking at your web page or their phone is calling you!
Edco can put a QR code on most any ad specialty item.  We like them so much that we have several QR code stickers on our delivery van and even have free tote bags with a QR code on them (while the supply lasts) for you when you stop in our Ft. Lauderdale store.
Wikipedia QR Code entry -
Site to generate your own QR Code -

Let us help you market your business, club, church, school.  Exposure and PR is everything!
See the QR just in front of the drivers door down the blog on the date March 2, 2011?


Mugs with QR Code on them

Directional and Informational Signage

Edco Awards & Specialties has been a producer of directional and informational signage for many, many years.  We make anything from very small legend plates for equipment to large outdoor advertising signs.  We utilize a variety of materials and processes including all types of plastic, acrylic, solid surface material, wood, glass, vinyl and metal.  The methods we use to imprint or letter range from printing with the large format printer, UV flatbed printer, plotted and weeded vinyl letters, laser engraving and laser cutting as well as cutting substrate up to 1" thick and to sizes of 48" x 96" on our Multicam CNC router.  A couple of our salespeople are experts in designing signage systems and American with Disablities Act signs (ADA signage).  To create your sign we need as little as a concept from you.  Let us do the rest!

Directional signage

A Brief History of Trophies

trophy is a specially-design reward given to indicate a certain achievement or recognition. The trophy is usually given during academic and athletic events. In prestigious sports events such as the Olympic games, the gold, silver and bronze medals serve as a sole award-giving trophy.


The word “Trophy” traces its roots from the French word “Trophee” meaning “A spoil of war and prize”. The English adapted the French term in the 1550’s to emphasize the victory of the 15th century English War. In Ancient Greece, the trophy is made from series of victorious Greek battles that were hung from a tree to symbolize the warrior’s triumph. The Ancient Greek trophy is made from inscribed contexts depicting the battle of the Gods. The Ancient Romans meanwhile festooned the creation of the trophy for home and memorial purposes.


During the 16th century Middle Age years, the Chalices were given as an alternative to trophy among winners from “New World” sporting events. The “Kyp Cup” is the first chalice given to horse racing champions in New England during the late-1600 years. Chalices are currently seen in prestigious sports events such as the The Stanley Cup, Davis Cup and World Cup. The “Oscar Trophy” for the Academy Awards is the first human-sized trophy created. The “Hugo Award” trophy is famous for its “spaceship” size. The “Man on the Moon” trophy is the second human-sized trophy conceptualized by MTV Networks for the MTV Video Music Awards.

There are three types of award-giving trophy designs that are specially created in terms of quality, motif and purpose:


• The Resin Trophy varies in generic quality, styling and overall finishes. Also known as the “Resin Awards”, the trophy is usually seen in academic recognition accolades such as commencement exercises. The resin trophy can be customized or molded, depending on the target theme.
• The “Loving-Cup Trophy” is the commonly used trophy made from two silver plate handles, creating a pedestal-like appearance.
• The Hunting Trophy features the head of an animal mounted on a solid surface. The trophy is usually given to distinguish accomplishments in the hunting industry.   In 1983, the first “Jules Rimet Trophy” design was stolen in Brazil. The World Football Association made a replica of the original Jules Rimet Trophy for private football match celebrations in 1966. The FIFA purchased the FA’s replica in 1997. However, the loss of the first Jules Rimet Trophy design paved way for the existence of the following:

• The Scottish Cup Trophy is the oldest trophy given during the seasonal Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup in United Kingdom.

• The FIFA World Cup Trophy is being awarded to the winners of the prestigious FIFA World Cup series. Designed in 1974, the previous winners of the FIFA World Cup were initially awarded with the Jules Rimet Trophy replica in 1949.

• The European Champion’s Cup Trophy is awarded to the winners of the annual UEFA Champions’ League. The EC Cup is the most prestigious trophy originated from the European Eastern Hemisphere.

Edco Showrooms are filled with Glass Awards and Crystal Awards

Edco has four completely filled showrooms located throughout Broward County with a huge selection of etched designer crystal, jade glass and clear glass awards.  These glass awards come in various shapes and sizes including tear drops, diamonds, towers, pinnacles, obelisks and flames.  Etched crystal and glass awards are perfect for use as corporate awards, scholastic awards, church awards and individual recognition.

As with all of our Coral Springs, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and Pompano trophy shop showrooms, our optic crystal, starfire crystal, clear glass and jade glass is all in stock at our huge Davie Boulevard warehouse.  Ready and waiting to be professionally etched in our Davie Boulevard award manufacturing facility. Our turn-around times will amaze you because unlike our competition, we are a 40 year old business with a huge amount of product, especially glass and crystal awards, in stock in our local warehouse.

Take a look at the short video clip below and you will see a small representation of what we keep in stock to be delivered locally in the South Florida market or to be shipped worldwide.  If you'd like to see more video of our showrooms located in Hollywood, Pompano, Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs, click here

Another Busy Weekend at Edco Trophies

In the video clip below you will see our MultiCam CNC router cutting acrylic. The CNC cuts acrylic with a rotating cutter up to 1 inch thick. The CNC is capable of cutting wood, solid surface material (counter top granite look-a-like) and metal. The majority of the time our CNC is cutting the beautiful acrylic awards shown here but also is frequently used to cut dimensional letters and sign blanks which we later decorate with our Roland Large Format printer. The word CNC means computer numerical control and is controlled by a vector computer file. If an outline file can be drawn or scanned and converted on your computer, the Edco CNC can cut it!

Edco Awards & Specialties is a privately held 40+ year old award, trophy, promotional products and imprinted wearables company with offices located in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano and Coral Springs. Edco is a leading supplier of all types of awards including trophies, plaques, engraving, acrylic awards, etched crystal awards, ribbons, rosettes. Edco supplies athletic organizations, non-profit concerns, schools, clubs, churches, temples and many others. Edco delivers awards to all local areas including Deerfield Beach, Davie, Wilton Manors, Ojus, Oakland Park, Dania, Hollywood, Sunny Isles, Golden Beach, just about anywhere in South Florida. Contact Edco at 800-377-8646 or

Edco Awards & Specialties - Beautiful Egg Art Glass Awards

Check out our Egg Art Glass Awards!

Throughout the ages, the egg has symbolized new beginnings and the spark of creation. Traditional folk religions regarded the egg as a powerful symbol of fertility, purity and rebirth. Magic rituals often use eggs to promote fertility and restore virility of the body, mind and spirit and to foresee into the future. Eggs also symbolize growth, protection, new beginnings, resurrection.

Edco Awards & Specialties produces these beautiful multi-color intricate art glass award eggs with base for personalization.  They are a great way to recognize achievers.  Each egg award is an individual work of art.  These are hand made so that no two are identical.  What a great way to stimulate and motivate!

as low as $47.97!


Art Glass Egg Award

Edco Awards & Specialties is a privately held 40+ year old award, trophy, promotional products and imprinted wearables company with offices located in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano and Coral Springs.  Edco is a leading supplier of all types of awards including trophies, plaques, engraving, acrylic awards, etched crystal awards, ribbons, rosettes.  Edco supplies athletic organizations, non-profit concerns, schools, clubs, churches, temples and many others.  Edco delivers awards to all local areas including Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Parkland, Boca Raton, Lighthouse Point, Hollywood, Miami, Hialeah, Aventura, just about anywhere in South Florida.  Contact Edco at 800-377-8646 or

Bruce Yoskin - Edco Awards & Specialties

Meet Bruce Yoskin - Sales Manager of Specialty Products

Bruce Yoskin has been with Edco for 11 years.  We are glad he chose to hang his hat at Edco Awards & Specialties.  Bruce had many years experience in ad specialty sales and joining the Edco team gave him additional lines of signage, wearables, etched crystal awards and more.

A specialist in large accounts, Bruce is proud to include many of the areas large hospitals, corporations and universities among his loyal clients. They look to him for wearables, awards, banners as well as the standard promotional items such as pens, glassware, desk items and other giveaways.

Prior to joining Edco, Bruce spent many years in the specialty food and confectionery industry both here in South Florida and in his home town of Philadelphia.

The next time you go to the theater, look closely, because when he isn’t selling specialty products, he might be found “trodding the boards”; he has appeared in dozens of theatrical productions in the area.

Bruce and his wife Susan, a twenty six year employee of IBM, have children and grandchildren in Philadelphia and Birmingham.

Give him a call at 954-587-0137 ext 119! He’ll be glad to come out and work with you at your office, helping you decide how best to present what is most important to you… your image.


Bruce Yoskin

Laser Engraving and Laser Cutting

Edco has been utilizing lasers to engrave plastic and metal and to cut various materials for over 30 years.  Edco utilizes the laser to create beautful acrylic awards and to engrave all types of awards and signs.  We use the laser in our engraved brick process as well as cutting small dimensional letters and the fabrication of name badges.  We have engraved the frames of eye glasses, engraved images on leather, glass, wood, fabric and we can even use it to create an imprint on stainless steel.  Our motto for the last 30 years still holds true... "If it doesn't move, we can probably engrave it!"

Flat Bed UV Printing on Acrylic

Edco has state of the art flat bed UV printing capabilities with its Mimaki JF series printer.  This printer can print on any flat surface including glass, acrylic, wood, metal, cardboard and sign type plastic materials.  The UV printer was a six figure investment but has become one of the most used machines in the plant.  The acrylic guitar you see went from concept to finished product in two days.  With Edco's Multicam CNC Router (to be featured in a blog soon) the acrylic was cut from 3/4 inch by 8 foot by 4 foot sheet.  Sanded and polished and printed all in our facility on Davie Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.  Edco can take your rough drawing or concept, create the vector art for driving the CNC and the full color art to be printed on the UV printer.  If it's one or a hundred, Edco has the ability to make custom printed acrylic awards!

Edco Awards & Specialties - Unique Signage

Recently Edco Awards & Specialties installed a unique way of advertising.  We placed 8 foot tall plastic letters on the roof of the building.  This is what the newest update of Google Earth will look like when it is processed.  We are running a contest for anyone who flies over though.  We will give a $100.00 check to the first person who takes an actual photograph of this from the air.  Caution!  We have placed a strange object on the roof as well so your photograph must show that too (no photoshop jobs)!



Edco Awards is a 40 year old awards and recognition business in Hollywood, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Pompano, FL and Coral Springs, FL.  Edco manufactures all types of awards, ad specialties, ribbons, rosettes, signage, wearable products, trophies and plaques.

Edco Delivers Awards in South Florida

Edco has been delivering quality awards throughout Broward and Palm Beach County for many years. We routinely deliver everything from delicate etched crystal awards to thousands of custom imprinted t-shirts. We have delivered our fund raising tree of life recognition wall product to churches as far as Clewiston and Naples.

In addition to Edco being the first awards company on the internet, we think we have one of the first vehicles to sport a giant QR code on its side! Next time you see the Edco delivery van around South Florida shoot the QR and say hello to driver Ed Thebold. Ed has been our customer pleasing awards delivery driver for many years!

Info on Tree of Life:

Info on Promotional Products:

Info on Etched Crystal Awards:

Workhorse of our acrylic award department

Recently we found out that the Bermaq Company located in Spain has gone out of business. Since 1982 they have been making this machine which is a critical part of Edco Awards & Specialties acrylic award production. This machine has diamond blades that finish the edges of acrylic as the first step to making a beautiful acrylic award. For many years Edco has been producing acrylic awards that ultimately get lasered. Recently Edco added a Mimaki flat bed UV printer which prints directly on the surface of acrylic and other surfaces. Other links of interest about the Bermaq and acrylic polishing are here:

We understand that the employees of Bermaq in Spain were going to try and bring the company back but we are unsure if their efforts have been successful.

Here are some of the products the Bermaq is instrumental in creating:

Glass Department BUSY!

What a rush in the recognition awards department.  We produce many, many rush orders!  Never fear though.  Jim is here to make sure all your etched glass and crystal awards look great and are perfect in every way!  Recently we have seen a boom in orders being placed for employee recognition awards.  Such awards help motivate staff and improve overall performance.  Programs are very inexpensive to implement and our team is ready to help you with last minute needs.  If you think your office might bennefit from a recognition awards program call us today.


A busy weekend in acrylic department!

With all the acrylic orders we have in house, it looks like the CNC crew will be working on Saturday.  It is great to see business coming back as strong as it is.  School budgets are getting further cut by state government and corporate style awards made of acrylic and UV printed are getting busier and busier!

Awards, Trophies, Plaques, Ad Specialties

EDCO Awards & Specialties is the premier Corporate Awards, Trophy, Plaque, Promotional Product & Signage supplier on the Internet. Family owned and operated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We have been supplying Corporate, Scholastic and Athletic Awards and Trophies for Recognition and Motivation, including Laser Engraved Acrylic items and Etched Crystal Awards for over 40 years, 20 years on the Internet! We want to be your supplier for advertising specialties, promotional products, trophies and plaques, ribbons and rosettes, pens, pencils, name badges, mugs and cups, medals, recognition walls, tree of life programs, church fundraising ideas, beauty queen and homecoming sashes, tiaras, business cards, flag cases, display cases, t-shirts, jackets, acrylic and crystal awards, signs, golf tee signs, etched perfume bottles, sculpture awards & statues and many other gift items. We are experienced in many types of imprinting including UV flatbed printing, silkscreening, pad printing, laser engraving pantograph engraving, abrasive etching, embroidery and photo engraving. Next time you need an award, sign or promotional product let EDCO Awards & Specialties be the company you choose. We offer free delivery with a minimum sale to all municipalities in Broward County.  We specialize in Cooper City awards, Coral Springs awards, Dania awards, Davie awards, Ft. Lauderdale awards, Hollywood awards, Pembroke Pines awards, Miramar awards, Sunrise awards, Plantation awards, Weston awards, Wilton Manors awards, Oakland Park awards, Pompano awards, Deerfield Beach awards, Hallandale awards, Lauderhill awards, Tamarac awards, Southwest Ranches awards, Boca Raton awards and Coral Springs awards.