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Award Guide

How to Give the Perfect Customized Award
How to Give the Perfect Customized Award
Customization is something every company needs to consider when giving out employee recognition awards, and it’s important for several reasons.
Alternative Employee Awards
Alternative Employee Awards
Why limit your awards to trophies? Learn how alternative awards are personable, fun, & great recognition options.
Employee Recognition Ideas
Employee Recognition Ideas
Recognizing your team’s achievements throughout the year is important to maintaining a productive, engaging, and competitive work environment.
100+ Employee Recognition & Appreciation Award Wording Ideas
100+ Employee Recognition & Appreciation Award Wording Ideas
You don't need to be a novelist to create amazing appreciation award wording. Learn some ideas here!
Why Personalized Awards Matter
Why Personalized Awards Matter
It’s no secret that employees will work harder, be more productive, and be more engaged in company culture when their efforts feel appreciated.
Benefits of Giving Corporate Awards in the Modern Workplace
Benefits of Giving Corporate Awards in the Modern Workplace
Employee recognition awards can boost productivity in the same way bonuses and other monetary incentives based on measurable employee performance do.
The Importance of Employee Recognition Awards & Programs
The Importance of Employee Recognition Awards & Programs

Why Motivating Employees with Awards is Important

Successful business owners or presidents of operations know what their secret to success is, and they’ll likely know the importance of building and maintaining an office culture that motivates employees. Motivated employees work more efficiently, produce higher quality work, and improve customer/client satisfaction. Motivated employees are less likely to be absent from work, and keeping employees motivated also helps employers retain talent. The benefits of motivating employees are very apparent, but the best ways to motivate them are far from obvious. While there are a variety of different ways to motivate employees, employee recognition awards are one of the best. So, why is motivating employees with awards important?

Awards Lead to More Productive Employees

Let’s start with the obvious – motivating employees with awards is important because they make employees more productive, more engaged, and generally happier. People work harder when they know they’re appreciated, and this couldn’t be truer for the Millennials and Generation Z workers entering the workforce. These young workers aren’t just looking for a fair wage and compensation benefits – they’re also looking for meaningful and fulfilling work where they feel like what they do doesn’t go unseen. Part of what makes a job meaningful is recognition for a job well done, and companies with robust employee appreciation programs that motivate their staff with awards will be more appealing to these younger generations of workers. As society and culture change, the workplace must as well. Employers that refuse to adapt and don’t see the importance of motivating employees with awards will be left behind, if not completely go out of business because they can’t find anyone who wants to work for them.

Recognition is More Effective than Discipline 

Employee awards are also much better motivators than punishment. Employers are better served when focusing their efforts on rewarding employees for good actions rather than reprimanding employees for bad actions or making threats. This is not to say that employers should not take action when an employee steps out of line, fails to meet agreed upon expectations, or does not fulfill their duties, but this punishment should never be used to motivate others. Rather than threaten employees with what can happen to them if they do something wrong in an effort to motivate them, employers should motivate them with awards that show them what can happen when they go above and beyond and produce quality work.

It Pays Off to Award Employees

Motivating employees with awards is also important because it’s the most cost-effective way of doing so. Essentially, employee awards are a win-win for the employees and the company. It’s been said that actions speak louder than words, and this is especially true in the corporate world. Words of acknowledgment are great, but when these words are accompanied by an action like a bonus or promotion, the message is communicated to a greater degree, and employees truly feel as if their hard work is not just noticed and acknowledged but appreciated. When employees feel this way, they are more motivated, productive, and engaged. The whole company benefits! However, companies only have so many managerial positions that can be filled at a given time and may not have the revenue to give every employee a substantial bonus. This makes employee recognition programs and the awards that most companies include in these programs crucial to maintaining a great office culture where employees are motivated to give their all every day.

It's simple – employee awards are an effective way of showing employees how much their work is appreciated than raises, and they’re better at communicating than a simple “thanks for your hard work.” Awards make employees more productive, engaged, and happier, and companies that recognize and award their staff for their efforts will be more appealing to younger workers.

Why Employee Recognition is Important for Overacheivers

You likely already know the value and importance of employee achievement awards in general – they’re a vital part of cultivating and maintaining a thriving office morale and come with an array of benefits for the organization like increased productivity and better customer satisfaction – but you may not realize the importance of specifically recognizing overachievers. Just like you’d want to give out an award for things like employee of the month, great leadership, the employee who best represents your company’s core values, or a department MVP, you should look to celebrate the overachievers in your company with an award. With EDCO’s extensive selection of crystal awardsglass awardsacrylic awards, and more it’s easy to find the right one for your business that comes at an affordable price.

Every office has those who go above and beyond on every task and these stars are great assets to your team so you’ll want to do everything you can to keep them and their exceptional work ethic with your company. These overachievers are largely self-motivated, meaning you and have confidence instruct them, give them the resources they need, point them in the right direction, and let them go with the confidence that you’ll get high quality work back. A good leader will continue to support, encourage, and show these overachievers just how valuable they are, and awards are a great way to send this message to them and the rest of your business.

Bestowing an award upon the overachievers in your workplace will help you retain this top talent. If employees feel valued and appreciated and have their achievements celebrated by their employer, they’ll be significantly less likely to leave the company or have issues and grievances that make them look for employment elsewhere. Recognizing just how awesome they are with an award from EDCO lets them know that their phenomenal work are not just recognized but appreciated as well. Studies show that the most important driver of great work is recognition, and while many of these overachievers are self-motivated, they’ll still appreciate this recognition and it’ll show everyone else in your workplace how much you value an outstanding work ethic and perhaps inspire them to do more.

As alluded to above, giving out awards like these that celebrate and recognize overachieving can also increase employee engagement. Awards like these will encourage friendly competition – perhaps you have multiple overachievers in your office who will now compete to see who can get the most quality work done. In general, employee reward programs support friendly rivalry among workers, which in turn creates a competitive, fast-paced work environment that’s fun too be a part of, and bestowing the office’s overachiever with an award that celebrates their remarkable efforts will make your overachievers achieve even more! The overachievers in your office may start comparing their performance with each other and then make it a goal to do better the next month, quarter, or year depending on how often you bestow this award. Then, when they receive the award, they’ll feel super accomplished and everyone else will want to give it there all. Communicating one person going above and beyond, or even a departments success, will increase awareness amongst other employees and incentivize them to achieve even more.

Considering these benefits – better retention of top talent and increased employee engagement and productivity – and recent IRS guidelines that make most awards tax deductible, why not start giving out awards for the overachievers in your company? EDCO provides you with a myriad of different award designs and materials so you can find the right one for your business that aligns with the other awards you give out. Shop our extensive selection of awards today!

Why You Should Recognize Your Top Rookie Employees

While it’s important to recognize the veteran members of your team, it’s also important to recognize the hard work and achievement of your rookie employees. If they are making a positive impact on your business, recognizing them with a crystal award is a great way to make them feel appreciated and valued. Rewarding and praising your rookie talent will not only lead to an improved work ethic among your employees but will help lead your business to greater overall success.

A rookie of the year award offers a unique way to help your team recognize new talent. When experienced employees recognize your new talent, their relationship will grow and make your newcomer feel valued and welcome.  Peer recognition is a vital and valuable part of employee appreciation, and it will even help with retention further down the road.

A rookie of the year award helps showcase your new worker’s high performance and helps promote that continued excellence down the road. There’s always a learning curve when it comes to starting a new position, and a rookie of the year award lets your rookies know their hard work is not going unnoticed. This award showcases what excellence looks like to all your new employees and helps them recognize what it takes to perform at that top level

An employee who feels recognized for their commitment to a company is likely to feel an increased sense of job satisfaction. Today it’s more important than ever to recognize your rookies due to high turnover in an average employee’s first year. Hiring new employees can be expensive and strain the resources of your talent acquisition team, so it is important to retain the talent you have brought on. Rookie of the year awards help create an uplifting environment that is desirable to employees, and this will help keep your talented team around for years to come.

Recognition is an essential part of retaining and nourishing your talented employees. With all the great befits a rookie of the year award can bring your team, it is a worthwhile investment for your company. Corporate awards are an inexpensive yet effective way to show your staff the appreciation they deserve. At EDCO, we are the nation’s leader in recognition and offer one of the widest selections of awards, perfect for showing your employees how much you appreciate their continued hard work. Shop our selection of Corporate Awards today!

Rebooting Your Company's Employee Recognition Program

Employee recognition programs aren’t new, but they are changing. Today’s employees – and companies – have different values. But as they say, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Research on workplace motivation goes all the way back to Frederick Herzberg in 1959. In his famous studies, Herzberg categorized workplace motivation into “maintenance” factors, like salary, job security and benefits, and “motivating” factors, like achievement, pride and recognition. He found that maintenance factors only went so far. For employees to be truly satisfied in their jobs, they needed motivating factors. If you find your employee recognition program isn’t having the effect it used to – or never had a very big effect – it may need a makeover to take it from a maintenance factor to a motivating factor. Here are five things to look at, along with a few employee recognition program examples that work.

Check Your Incentives

Everyone loves free stuff – that’s just a fact of human nature. But if your employees feel like you are trying to buy their loyalty, rather than truly recognize their accomplishments, it can have the opposite effect. The best examples of employee recognition programs go beyond just handing out free stuff. They give thoughtful, personalized gifts that make employees feel seen and appreciated – because the true value of an employee recognition program is to contribute to positive company culture and make your team feel they are a part of something bigger.

Make Your Employee Recognition Program Easy

Does your company seem unenthusiastic about your employee recognition program? Do you have to remind people constantly of what they need to do? If your program is flagging, it could be because it’s  too complicated. Too many steps in the voting process, too many people involved or too many large events can all be roadblocks slowing down your program. You don’t have to give out fewer awards – just find a way to streamline the process. Employee recognition programs should be fun!

Provide Clear Goals

Sometimes, employee recognition programs decline because the team simply doesn’t know what they are aiming for. For example, if you have an Employee of the Month program, make it clear what employees need to do to earn the title: jumping in on projects unasked, learning new skills, mentoring a teammate or resolving the most customer complaints are all criteria you could use. Give your team a path to being recognized so that they know where their efforts are most valued.

Use Technology

This is a great way to reboot complicated employee recognition programs. Use Google forms to create a recognition nomination form that employees can fill out and submit entirely online. Or, create a survey using Google or another free service to take votes regarding categories, winners and the overall format of your program. You can also use surveys to ask for input on what employees think is working and not working about your current program.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Times have changed. Employees are staying at jobs for shorter periods of time, care more about positive company culture and may not feel rewarded by the same things they did 20 – or even 10 – years ago. If your employee recognition program has been in a slump, maybe it’s time to switch it up. Instead of awards for years of service, give awards for innovation and leadership. Try unique gifts like barware or clocks. Or, let a team of employees run the show instead of HR. With a little creativity, you’ll create a program that’s exciting and motivating.

Examples of Employee Recognition Programs That Work

Need a little inspiration? Here are a few employee recognition ideas that can take your program to the next level.

  • Employee of the Month: It’s a tried and true recognition program because it works. Singling out just one employee makes that person feel especially valued, and gives everyone else something to work toward. Just make sure that the exact traits you’re rewarding are clear.
  • Peer-to-peer recognition: Praise from peers means more than praise from managers or supervisors – and it encourages teamwork and collaboration. Employee recognition programs should always incorporate peer feedback, through a nomination or voting process that includes all levels of the organization.
  • On-the-spot awards: Awards don’t have to be a complicated nomination and voting process. Set up something like a “Going the Extra Mile Program,” where colleagues can nominate each other on the spot for doing that little something extra for a teammate or client. Award a small plaque, pin or other economical prize to the recipient.
  • Friendly competition: You don’t always have to recognize professional accomplishments. In fact, encouraging fitness – both mental and physical – among your employees directly reduces sick days and other time taken off. Set up workplace fitness challenges like step-counting, stair-climbing, biking to work or other friendly competitions. Don’t forget a fun trophy for the winner!

Employee recognition programs should be personalized, simple, inclusive and provide a clear path to winning. If you think yours needs a boost, it’s time to go back and make sure you’re checking all those boxes. And remember: Most importantly, employee recognition should be fun!

Get High Quality Employee Recognition Awards from EDCO

Now that you know all the reasons why motivating employees with awards is important and how to invest in an employee recognition program, you can get all the awards you need from EDCO and start enjoying these benefits today! EDCO is a leader in many types of employee recognition awards including employee of the month awardscrystal awards, and more. Contact us now to get started.

Celebrating & Rewarding Remote Employees
Celebrating & Rewarding Remote Employees
Find new ways to celebrate and acknowledge your staff members in a remote setting!
Corporate Award Buying Guide
Corporate Award Buying Guide
Corporate gifts are a thoughtful way to say your company has noticed an employee’s hard work and wants to say thank you for the dedication.
Retirement Awards: History, Evolution, & Examples
Retirement Awards: History, Evolution, & Examples
Employee recognition programs are vital an engaging, competitive, and productive workplace. No employee recognition program is complete without a retirement award.
Yellow Employee Recognition Awards for Employees with Bright & Sunny Personalities
Yellow Employee Recognition Awards for Employees with Bright & Sunny Personalities
Do you have an outstanding employee who brings sunshine to your office, spreading joy to anyone they talk to?
Best Corporate Awards for an Employee’s 10-Year Work Anniversary
Best Corporate Awards for an Employee’s 10-Year Work Anniversary

Years of service employee recognition awards are an amazing way to spotlight your loyal staff. They help celebrate tenure and show off your team’s dedication. These corporate awards are great tools for showing your team what a star employee looks like, and this award should recognize the reasons that have allowed this employee to stay this long. You can tell your team about some of the greatest achievements, work relationships, and shared successes the employee has made over the years. After all, an employee who stays with you for ten years deserves the recognition.

Looking for the perfect award to celebrate your employee’s tenure? Keep reading to find our 4 favorite corporate awards for an employee’s 10-year work anniversary.

Service Anniversary Diamond Tower Award

The Service Anniversary Diamond Tower Award is a stunning award to show your dedicated staff your appreciation. This classic design delivers a powerful message that will resonate across your team and inspire those who see it displayed. Constructed from pure optical crystal, this beautiful award provides meaningful recognition to your team player. This design is deep etched, and paint filled in gold or silver with your own unique message. This is an award your team member will cherish for years to come.

Service 10 Year Award

The Service 10 Year Award is the perfect corporate award for celebrating loyalty. This award features a chrome achiever statue hoisting a 10 above its head, signifying 10 years of dedicated service. This design sits atop a customizable crystal base where you can add company logos, messages of appreciation, and more. Your team will apricate this thoughtful award that shows your gratitude for their commitment to the company’s success.

Crystal 10 Years of Service Award

The Crystal 10 Years of Service Award is a one-of-a-kind award perfect for celebrating your diligent, hard-working team member’s long career. Featuring a crystal number 10, this award is perfect for celebrating 10 years of service in style. It is elevated on top of a deeply beveled base that can be customized with your company logo and congratulatory message. If you are looking for an award that delivers a wow factor, this one is for you.

Continental World Globe Award Plaque

The Continental World Globe Award Plaque is perfect for recognizing important milestones like 10 years of service. This plaque has a remarkable art metal backing and features an eye-catching floating crystal plaque along with a beautiful blue crystal globe. Your custom message and company logo can be added to the floating crystal plaque and will be deep etched with your choice of black or gold paint. This award is perfect for recognizing those who have invested their time and effort over the years.

EDCO is your #1 destination for Years of Service Awards. Our high-quality awards are perfect for showing your dedicated team the appreciation they deserve. We have over 50 years of experience, and we are the nation’s leading supplier of recognition. Congratulate and inspire your staff with an award from EDCO today!

How to Select an Employee Appreciation Award that Reflects your Employee’s Personality
How to Select an Employee Appreciation Award that Reflects your Employee’s Personality

Compensation may provide monetary satisfaction to your team, but it won’t be what makes them feel valued for their daily commitment to the company.

Implementing an employee appreciation award for those who lead by example is a great way to let your team know that you notice the effort they bring to making your company great while increasing engagement, productivity, overall morale, and more. Thoughtful awards that reflect an employee’s personality create memories that help connect your employees to the company and make them feel that much more appreciated for the hard work they put in every day.



In this guide, we will help you select a custom employee appreciation award that reflects your employee’s personality.

Understanding your Teams Personalities

You may have taken a personality test like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Big 5, or one of the many others available. These tests often rank people on a scale depending on how much of each trait they show. Personality tests measure attributes like extroversion, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and more. They can be a great way to better know your unique team players. Depending on where your team falls upon these categories can help you understand what they value, and it could help determine an award that will match their unique personality.

Pay Close Attention to your Teams Interests

Your employees have interests outside of work, and if you overhear them talking about their favorite hobbies and things they like to do after the workday ends, this can serve as your inspiration to personalize your next employee appreciation award. If you know they have a favorite restaurant or store, including a gift card in your next awards ceremony could be the perfect touch to making your star employees feel appreciated and noticed at work.

Choosing the Right Style

Choosing an abstract award won’t be right for everyone. Knowing what your team appreciates will help you select the right style for your next award ceremony. If they are very humble and softspoken, a large eye-catching employee recognition award that brings lots of attention might not be the right option. If someone on your team does show signs of extroversion, going with the beautiful eye-catching art piece might be the perfect option. For the introvert, a smaller trophy or customized plaque might be just right to show appreciation for their dedicated work.


Customization will play a significant factor in giving your team an employee appreciation award that matches their personality. You can give a humorous note for those for an appreciation for a good laugh or a heartfelt message for the empaths on your team. With the ability to customize almost any EDCO award, you can write a unique personalized message to match the recipient’s personality and make your next employee appreciation ceremony stand out.

EDCO is your home for custom employee recognition awards. Shop our collection today and show your team the appreciation they deserve.

4 Awards for Stand-Out Employees
4 Awards for Stand-Out Employees
Looking for an award that truly highlights your stand-out employee’s achievements?
Sales Awards for Top Performers
Sales Awards for Top Performers

Rewarding your top sales associates is one of the most important things your company can do. Sales are an essential part of your business’s success, and it is important to reward your top performers, reminding them how much you value and apricate their hard work and dedication. Awards help boost motivation and promote a strong work ethic across your entire team. Sales awards are commonly given at the end of a sales period or the end of the year, and to help businesses find awards that recognize the top performers of your sales staff, here are 3 of our top Sales Awards for 2022.

Perpetual Goal Buster Award

Crystal goal buster award

Our Perpetual Goal Buster Award is sure to recognize the top performers on your team and make them feel valued for their outstanding accomplishments. This award is crafted from beautiful optical crystal and is designed to be built upon after every achievement. This spectacular award is designed to fit up to 10 custom etched achievement blocks that can be customized and added after every new milestone is met. Additional blocks can be purchased as needed and cost $25, which includes set up and color fill. This award is perfect for your top performers who consistently strive for greatness. Order your Goal Buster Award today!

Achievement World Globe Award

Achievement globe award for top sales professionals

Our Achievement World Globe Award is perfect for your sales associates who go the extra mile. This magnificent award is made with an optical crystal base and features an eye-catching chrome figure hoisting a blue crystal globe above its head. The base of this award can be customized with company logos, recipient names, and more. This award is perfect for those who uphold your companies’ best values and set an example of excellence to your entire team.

Accomplishment Peak Crystal Award

Peak Crystal award for sales professionals

Our Accomplishment Peak Crystal Award will stand out on the desks of your outstanding sales associates. This design has a simple and has a clean appearance and is designed with premium quality optical crystal. This award features a faceted colorful prism-effect base giving this award a wow factor unlike any other when ignited with light. A large engraving area is also available to provide a custom message of achievement along with your company logo. This fantastic sales award will make a lasting impression on your team’s top performers.

EDCO is your #1 destination for Sales Awards & Trophies this year. Providing your team a well-earned sales award is an important part of improving morale and retaining your top talent. We have the high-quality awards you need to recognize your employee’s milestones. Shop our selection of sales awards & trophies today!

5 Ways to Honor Your MVPs
5 Ways to Honor Your MVPs

When the time comes to determine what employee will be receiving the employee of the month award, there are likely a few members of your staff that are always in the conversation. These are your company MVPs – they consistently produce quality work, go above and beyond expectations, and are great problem solvers that make everybody else’s lives easier. Maybe they’re leaders who everybody in the office knows and respects, or maybe they have a less visible role that doesn’t garner the same amount of attention but regardless, you need to ensure that these MVPs get the recognition they deserve.

Simply awarding these members of your staff with an employee of the month award almost every month won’t do because it wouldn’t feel right to the other people in the office, nor would it be fair to them. This isn’t to say that they shouldn’t receive an award every now and then, but there are a few different, better ways to uniquely honor these MVPs on your team. Here are 5 ways to honor your MVPs:

Company-Wide Shout-Outs

There is a certain level of pride some people take in knowing they’ve done a stellar job in their work, and hearing it from a boss or person in an executive position is even better. Publicly acknowledging your MVPs is not only a great way to make them feel appreciated but a great way to inspire and motivate others to do amazing work that gets them noticed by the higher-ups. These shout-outs can be done at company meetings, through email blasts, or through other company-wide correspondences. Or gather your employees together at a seemingly random time to make the shout-out more impromptu. As an added bonus, this doesn’t cost a cent!

Offer Professional Development Opportunities

You likely have your eye on the MVPs in your office for a higher position in your company, so give them the opportunity to grow their skills and knowledge while also recognizing them for their hard work. Additionally, if you know one of these MVPs has interest in learning a certain skill or exploring something work-related, why not sponsor them in a class or get them tickets to a local conference or seminar?

Special Parking

By granting your MVPs a special parking space, you’re giving them the gift of convenience. These special parking spaces will typically be those closest to the building, but you can also think about spots that get a lot of shade or covered parking depending on the weather in your area. While this way of honoring your MVPs doesn’t cost anything, don’t be afraid to decorate the spot, so everyone knows who gets to park there and why.

Surprise Treats

Give your MVPs the opportunity to provide an in-office treat like coffee and donuts to the rest of the office using the company card. They can choose their favorite spots to eat around town to get some food they know they’ll enjoy and get everyone in the office hooked as well.

Award a trophy

Crystal goal buster award

Because of how special these MVPs are to your business, they deserve a special award that you haven’t given out to any other employees. You could simply name it the “MVP Award,” but get creative with the title, so they truly feel special. Our crystal Goal Buster Award is an excellent choice for recognizing exceptional performance.

As the nation’s leading supplier of recognition, EDCO has a wide variety of award trophies for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to honor these MVPs with. Shop our selection of crystal awards, glass awards, and acrylic awards that will be perfect for your MVPs and order today!

5 Best Trophies for the New Year
5 Best Trophies for the New Year

As the year comes to a close, it is important to recognize your employees’ hard work and dedication. There are many benefits that come from showering employees with accolades. Corporate awards help boost morale, retain talent, promote productivity, increase teamwork, all while being cost effective. When your employees return in the new year, start it off right with awards that are sure to impress.

5 Best Trophies for the New Year

1. Majestic Unity Art Crystal Award

The Majestic Unity Art Crystal Award is one of the most impressive awards in our collection and will be sure to highlight your team’s hard work and commitment to the company. This unique design features a mouth blow design that will enhance any space this award is displayed. This crystal award features a blend of colorful streams that flow upward and unite at the peak. This beautiful award truly represents the pinnacle of achievement and is the perfect award for your top performers.

Majestic unity art crystal award

2. Excellence Award Crystal Obelisk

The Excellence Award Crystal Obelisk is a remarkable design that is sure to bring a wow factor to your corporate awards. This award is designed with the highest quality optical crystal and can be customized with your company logo along with a short message. This excellence award is one of our favorites and is sure to impress your standout performers.

Excellence award crystal obelisk

3. Granum Red Crystal Award

The Granum Red Crystal Award is the perfect way to highlight your team’s achievement. This award is created with pure optical crystal that emits hues of red throughout. This beautiful piece has a stunning red crystal base and can be customized with your logo and message etched directly into the crystal itself. This fantastic award is sure to reward the efforts of your company and staff in an unforgettable way.

Granum red crystal award

4. American Diamond Award

The American Diamond Award offers a slick and sophisticated style to your awards ceremony. This award is constructed with sturdy jade crystal, and it is sand etched with precision. This light green award is available in 3 sizes, 11”, 13”, and 15”. The American Diamond Awards will keep your best employees engaged and motivated and is the perfect award for those who go the extra mile.

American diamond crystal awards

5. Azure Star Crystal

The Azure Star Crystal is a outstanding award for your star employees. In this design, a sparkling crystal star emerges from a blue crystal triangle giving it a distinct look that your team will want to show off. This award is constructed from ultra-thick premium quality crystal and is deep etched to help show off your logo and message for all that pass by this eye-catching award. Honor your top employee with this spectacular award to keep them pursuing achievement for years to come.

Azure star crystal award

EDCO is your one-stop-shop for corporate awards in the new year. Whether you are looking to start an employee of the month program in the new year or award your top achievements from 2021, EDCO has the high-quality awards you need to recognize your talent. Check out one of our amazing designs in this list or browse our expansive collection of crystal awards, achievement awards, leadership trophies, and more!

3 Beautiful Crystal Awards for Corporate Leaders
3 Beautiful Crystal Awards for Corporate Leaders

What are 3 beautiful crystal awards for corporate leaders that excel in your office? Read on and we’ll give you our picks for the most stunning crystal awards for corporate leaders.

You should always put thought and effort into picking the right kind of employee recognition trophies, especially for those that will be awarded to corporate leaders. This includes people in executive positions like chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief information officer, chief marketing officer, chief financial officer, and vice president.

Your organization may have slightly different names for these positions, or might have the same person fulfilling multiple of these roles. Regardless, it’s crucial to extend the breadth of your employee recognition programs to the people in these important positions because they do so much for your company.

Why Corporate Leaders Love Crystal Awards

Because your corporate leaders do so much important work, you need to give them a special kind of award that truly symbolizes how appreciative you are. A simple plaque or plastic trophy won’t do. No, your corporate leaders should get the best kind of employee recognition trophies available – crystal awards.

Some may argue that glass is the superior material, but when you compare the two, it’s clearly crystal. What makes crystal awards so great? Compared to glass, crystal awards are more transparent and far stronger. This is because crystal contains as much as 30% more minerals like lead which makes it more durable and able to reflect light beautifully. This also means crystal is denser, and because the molecules are packed together more tightly, the material is heavier than glass. This will give the award more weight, both literally and metaphorically.

The higher concentration of minerals also allows for more creativity in the shaping of awards because crystal is a lot more malleable than glass. Lastly, crystal also has better reflecting properties and is more transparent than glass.

High-Quality Crystal Leadership Awards

Crystal awards are more majestic and opulent than glass, can be created in a variety of different shapes, and don’t come with the same high risk of breaking if dropped. This makes them the best way to express gratitude and recognize top performance among your corporate leaders. Now, let’s discuss the 3 most beautiful crystal awards we have to offer!

Leadership Eagle Award

Crystal eagle award for leaders

In our culture, eagles are synonymous with many of the things you’d look for in a corporate leader like respect, honesty, truth, integrity, victory, and resilience. Eagles are also known to symbolize determination and represent the drive within us to push further and reach higher. Therefore, they make perfect sense, and this crystal leadership eagle award brings the bird of prey to life with wings outstretched, ready to take flight, in stunning crystal. The award can symbolize how the recipient soars above and beyond expectations.

Empire Crystal Globe

Crystal globe award for corporate leaders

This award features a dynamic design with a crystal globe award model of the Earth propped up by three curved pillars, all of which reflect light beautifully. The globe is 4 inches in diameter, and the award itself is 12 inches tall, large enough to stand out but not too big that it’s distracting. The globe design makes this award perfect for your corporate leaders that manage international branches of your business or make global sales.

Apex Obelisk Crystal Award

The Apex Obelisk crystal award isn’t just one of our best-selling crystal awards; it’s one of our best-selling corporate awards – period. Its popularity is likely due to the impeccable design and craftsmanship on the obelisk that stands at 10 inches tall with bevels that reflect light beautifully. The towering nature of the obelisk can represent how the award’s recipient has risen above their peers.

EDCO is your one-stop-shop for every employee recognition you need to build a successful employee recognition program, and with the end of the year rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about end of the year awards. Learn more about how to wrap up your year with employee recognition right here, and then browse our incredible selection of crystal awards, achievement awards, leadership trophies, and more!

How to Cultivate an Encouraging Environment Among Managers
How to Cultivate an Encouraging Environment Among Managers

Employee recognition awards and employee recognition programs do a lot to create and cultivate an encouraging workplace environment for the people on the ground floor and in entry level positions. It shows them that the company truly cares about every one of their employees, no matter what their position is, how many hours they work a week, or how new they are. It also reinforces ideals of meritocracy and work ethic, allowing company culture to become more engaging, competitive, and enjoyable.

Most employee recognition programs tend to put most, if not all, of their focus on these and neglect to recognize the work of those in managerial positions. This shouldn’t be the case. While managers have been in a sense “rewarded” and “recognized” for their hard work with a higher position in the company, they still deserve to be recognized for their hard work, leadership, innovation, and more. So, how do you cultivate an encouraging environment among managers?

Awards for Managers to Motivate Your Teams

Employee of the month plaque

The first step towards cultivating an encouraging environment amongst managers is to have dedicated awards for them. In addition to assigning an employee of the month or innovator of the month award to employees, consider adding a “manager of the month” or “leader of the month” award to your employee recognition program. This will not only show managers that you appreciate them but also encourage them to fulfill their position to the best of their ability.

Managers may compete among themselves to see whose team can rack up the most sales, complete the most client work, or produce the most quality work in a month. This friendly competition can increase the productivity of all the employees they manage, thus making the entire company more productive. The only limit to what kinds of awards you want to bestow upon your managers is your imagination!

Improve Collaboration with Manager One-on-One Meetings & Events

Another way to cultivate an encouraging environment among managers is to conduct regular check-ins or schedule one-on-one meetings to see how they’re doing. Managers will often have these types of meetings with the employees they oversee, thus taking on the stress and concerns of multiple other people all the time. This is a lot to put on one person, and managers need an outlet to vent their own frustrations and go over their own concerns as well.

Giving managers the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings where they can do so with a department head, or their direct supervisor will go a long way in making them feel encouraged and supported at work. You may also want to implement manager-only meetings where managers can discuss their frustrations and concerns with others in their position. This not only gives them an opportunity to confide in others like them but also learn from them and discover or share new solutions to common problems they all face.

Because managers deal with a lot on a daily basis, creating events just for them to get away from it all and relieve whatever stress they may have is another great way to create an encouraging environment. Perhaps plan a monthly event for managers like a dinner paid for by the company or a trip to a place like Dave and Busters where managers can unwind and develop bonds outside of work. At the very least, a yearly event for managers should be a priority for any company. Get out of the office and create an unforgettable experience for your managerial team.

Help Managers Level Up Their Skills

Lastly, you should facilitate ways for managers to learn and grow their skills and support them in doing so. This takes a more literal approach to creating an encouraging environment but creating learning opportunities will do more than that. Managers, and all other employees, will thrive and you’ll see performance increases when your company becomes an organization that encourages and prioritizes personal growth and development.

Awards for Business Managers

If you’ve been inspired to add awards for managers into your employee recognition program, there’s no better place than EDCO to find them. With everything from crystal and acrylic awards to plaques and clocks, we’re you’re one stop shop for all things recognition. 

Corporate manager award

Plaque or Trophy? We Can Help You Decide!
Plaque or Trophy? We Can Help You Decide!

It’s a good sign when you’re having a tough time narrowing down the list of employees who are up for an award – every company would love to have multiple employees who are highly motivated, hardworking problem solvers that can always be counted on – and they should be recognized, but it can be hard to figure out what kind of award is best. Do you get a plaque or a trophy? Not to worry, because as the nation’s premier supplier of recognition EDCO is here to help you figure out the best way to show staff, team, or customers that you recognize their excellence, commitment, and passion.

Employee recognition awards can largely be split into two groups: plaques and trophies. However, prior to deciding which of these options to go with, you’ll want to determine what exactly corporate awards mean to your business. You want awards to speak to the services you provide, as well as company values or a company mission, so it’s important to walk the right line when it comes to recognizing employee achievement. You don’t want these awards to lose their meaning or have their purpose lost.

Considering the many benefits of a good employee recognition program such as increased motivation and employee morale, it’s paramount to get things like this so it can be a win-win for the business and the people who make it successful. Whether you choose a plaque or trophy may seem like an insignificant decision, but it’s important and there are several things to consider.

Plaques make excellent award displays

Award Plaques vs. Trophies

So, should you get a plaque or a trophy? Each has their own pros and cons. Trophies obviously don’t take up any wall space and while they do take up desk space they can be passed around among employees. For example, an employee of the month award can be transferred from recipients on a monthly basis. This doesn’t just save space but it will save the company money as well because it’s one less thing that needs to be purchased every month. If you won’t have wall space to spare or are particular about the things that go up in the workplace, trophies are they way to go.

 There are also more unique designs and materials to pick from with trophies, giving you the ability to bestow an award that’s truly different and exclusive. With plaques the materials and designs are far more limiting while employee of the month trophies can be made out of glass, crystal, or acrylic and shaped into a wide variety of different designs. At EDCO, we have a wide selection of gorgeous crystal awards shaped into diamond, flame, stars, globes, and more alongside pristine glass awards in black, red, green, blue colors and artistic shapes.

On the other hand, award plaques take up no desk space. If your office space has limited space, or is already quite cluttered, employee recognition plaques would be the smart choice and won’t get in the way of things. However, there are some plaques that can be both freestanding and hung on a wall which give you far more versatility than a trophy. Additionally, this gives the recipient far more freedom to either use their desk or wall space as they see fit.

While the design options are a little more limiting, EDCO carries glass and acrylic plaques in addition to the typical wooden and metallic variants. There are also typically more customization options with plaques, as most have space for more than just an employee name and year to be added while not all trophies have much space for engraving.

Crystal desk trophy

Making the Decision

So, do you go with a plaque or trophy? Weighing the pros and cons of each is up to you, but regardless of your decision EDCO has a wide enough selection of each that you’ll be sure to find one that meets your preferences and budget. Shop with us today and be sure to come back to EDCO for all your employee recognition needs!